Legends of Tomorrow Season 8: Will This Make Possible Return in Coming Months!

Legends of Tomorrow season 7′s penultimate episode previewed the series’ conclusion, as the time-traveling heroes were given a glimpse of their future fates if they retired from heroics.

With the series not yet renewed for season 8 and many other Arrowverse programs ending, there has been speculation that the forthcoming season 7 finale may be the series’ final episode. It’s also possible that the numerous futures the Legends were shown were part of a plot by the Evil Gideon AI, which has been plotting their demise for the past year.

Will This Make Possible Return in Coming Months?

The Legends of Tomorrow season 7, episode 12, “Too Legit To Quit,” saw the Legends reach a stalemate with the Evil Gideon after she heard of Legends of Tomorrow’s human Gideon developed earlier in the season. Evil Gideon was forced to spare the Legends since her programming forbade her from self-destructing (even when the self in question was a copy of her programming magically fashioned into a human body).

This prompted the human Gideon to strike a compromise that would save the lives of her companions while also allowing the Evil Gideon AI to continue her quest of restoring order to the timeline.


In exchange for taking on the position of Time Master that Evil Gideon’s fundamental objective demanded, the human Gideon persuaded the Evil Gideon to return the Legends to their appropriate locations in time. As a sign of good faith, the Gideons offered each member of the Legends a sight into their destinies.

While the glimpses avoided answering many of the series’ unanswered questions about the future (such as the status of Muslim heroine Zari Tomaz’s other-dimensional romance with historian Nate Heywood), they did reveal some surprisingly specific details, such as sorceress Astra Logue running for President of the United States in 2040. While entertaining to watch, it was an overdue revelation.

Whatever conclusion Legends of Tomorrow comes up with will undoubtedly be tarnished by these peeks into the future, since audiences’ expectations have now been set. It won’t be surprising if the finale refers to the futures already seen, but it will cause narrative confusion if it diverges dramatically from the possibilities presented in “Too Legit to Quit.”

Not surprisingly, not all of the revelations were completely satisfactory as well. The possibility of being reunited with her long-lost mother in 1925 made Spooner Cruz happy, but she was not delighted with the notion of never seeing her potential companions from the future again.

Being in love with one another and then realizing that they were going to be apart caused Behrad and Astra to be concerned similarly. However, most of the fates foreseen were curiously appropriate ways for the Legends to retire–but they should have been saved for the last showdown between them.

Legends of Tomorrow season 7 has just one episode left to air, and with trailers for the season finale showing the team reunited, it remains to be seen how accurate these visions of the future prove to be.

With the Evil Gideon breaching their agreement and turning against the extraterrestrial hero Gary Green, it appears that the team will find themselves in peril once more shortly.

In any case, the final destinies of the Legends in Too Legit To Quit” would bring a memorable, if the sad, conclusion to their exploits on the battlefield.

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