Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Release Date, Trailer and Info

The God-fearing village of Serenity is being put to the test in Sweet Magnolias season two.

It’s a good thing Maddie, Dana Sue, and Heather never run out of margaritas to solve their problems.

The trio’s lives have surely become more complicated as they strive to negotiate life and love in their small white-picket-fence village.

Season three is in doubt after a cliffhanger that might have enormous ramifications for all of them.

Here’s what we know so far.

Will There Be a Third Season of Sweet Magnolias?

There is still no word on whether Sweet Magnolias will return for a third season.

Season two, on the other hand, left a lot of things unsolved, indicating that they’re at the very least planning more episodes.


If things come to fruition, only time will tell, but we’re crossing our fingers. Especially given the fact that both the first and second seasons were huge hits for Netflix, with the melodrama captivating the hearts of viewers all around the world.

Any formal announcements will be posted here, and we’ll keep you updated.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

Sweet Magnolias wouldn’t be the same without the central magnolias – JoAnna Garcia Swisher (as Maddie Townsend), Brooke Elliot (as Dana Sue Sullivan), and Heather Headley (as Heather Headley) (Helen Decatur).

Tyler (Carson Rowland), Kyle (Logan Allen), and Annie (Anneliese Judge), their children, will also return.

Chris Klein plays a philandering man named Chris Klein. Bill had a lower part in season two, but he still has an impact on the primary cast, so he’ll almost certainly be back.

Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays new mother Noreen, is also expected to return.

sweet-magnolias-season-3 scene

Cal (Justin Bruening) may have been taken into custody, but it would be odd if he vanished completely without notice. Isaac (Chris Medlin) had just recently regained his footing after looking for his biological parents in Serenity, and Cal (Justin Bruening) may have found himself in captivity.

What Will the Plot of the Third Season of Sweet Magnolias Be?

While we don’t know what the future holds for Sweet Magnolias, we do know that season three will have a lot to cover.

Sheryl J. Anderson, the showrunner, has made no secret of her desire for a third season and has even previewed what’s in store for the bunch. Especially when it comes to a dark person from Dana Sue’s past reappearing in her life.

In the season finale, Dana Sue’s daughter Annie was confronted by a mystery woman at Mrs. Francis’s wake, who called her mother a “life ruiner.” She was then captured on camera slashing Sullivan’s delivery van’s tires.

When the trio saw the footage, all they could say was, “She’s back.”

Sheryl J Anderson, the showrunner, said of this enigmatic individual, “I will just say she has a past in common with our girls and some other folks in town.”

“She’s been gone for a while, but she’s returned with a plan. She’s returned home to pay some old grudges.”

Dana is also trying to mend her relationship with Ronnie after reuniting with him in the family home. Will their reconciliation survive, or will he revert to his old habits, which included cheating on her?

But Dana Sue is only the start of what’s going on, as the season was left on a hell of a cliffhanger when Helen was proposed to by her ex-boyfriend Ryan. Now she has to choose between him and her new love, Erik.

“I could see her going either way and of course, they don’t tell me,” Headley told TVLine. “Netflix is concerned that, for a good bowl of macaroni and cheese, I’ll spill all the secrets.”

Then there’s the fallout of the fight at Sullivan’s, with Cal getting carted off by police when his anger management issues reared their ugly head following the loss of his job as the high school coach.

How will Maddie cope knowing this secret side of Cal now?

“In a potential third season, it’s certainly something Cal needs to unpack and examine whether he has handled past events properly, why he lost it when not losing it is so important to him and what choices he can make going forward,” Sheryl told, Not just for himself, but also for the people he loves.”

On top of that, there’s the town’s recall election, with the insinuation that if the Mayor loses, Maddie should be the one to step forward and take his place. If this happens, it will enrage the Mayor’s vengeful wife even more, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she digs out more dirt on Maddie’s family (especially considering how easy she caused trouble for Cal).

Finally, there’s Issac, who now knows who his biological parents are, but their reactions to his existence have been a mixed bag.

Bill, who seemed to be proving his value as Serenity’s most fertile man, wanted nothing to do with his hidden child, whom he had no idea existed until now.


But, once the dust has settled, will he reconsider his decision? Or will he be alarmed by Issac’s tight contact with Noreen, the mother of the love child that terminated his marriage to Maddie?

In a nutshell, everything is in working order.

Will There Be a Trailer for Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias?

We’ll have to wait a long for new footage because there’s no official release date and shooting hasn’t even begun as far as we know.

Sweet Magnolias didn’t even get a trailer until two weeks before its release date in season two.

If you come back, we’ll keep you as up-to-date as possible. Promise!

Your heart is a blessing.

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