You Season 4: Production on Season Four Officially Began.

Your season three premiered on Netflix in October 2021, but the streaming service had already renewed the stalker series for a fourth season prior to the third season’s release. “After reading Caroline Kepnes’ novel, [showrunner] Greg [Berlanti] and I fell in love with Joe Goldberg and his bizarre worldview,” executive producer Sera Gamble explained.

“And it’s been a joy to watch Penn [Badgley] bring Joe’s frightening yet intriguing life to life. We’re incredibly appreciative of Netflix’s huge support, as well as the fact that people all across the world have loved seeing Joe get everything completely wrong over the last three seasons. The entire You team is looking forward to delving into new, dark dimensions of love in season four.”

When Will You Season 4 Debut on Netflix?

Season four filming officially began on March 22, 2022. The Netflix team posted a date-stamped clapperboard from the set. Naturally, the board was oozing with blood… after all, this is Joe.

According to tradition, the next chapter will begin in late 2022. Although this may be pushed out to early 2023 to accommodate international filming in Paris.

Who Is in the You Season 4 Cast?

Joe is still alive (more on him later), but he is most certainly not healthy (otherwise, there would be no series), which means Penn Badgley will return.

Tati Gabrielle might possibly reprise her role as Joe’s latest “you,” Marianne, given his journey to Paris in search of her. Like for Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), SHE IS DEAD, but as with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Candace Stone, we wouldn’t rule out her comeback in flashback form (Ambyr Childers).

“It was quite bizarre to watch how I was going to die,” Pedretti explained in an Entertainment Weekly interview. “It seemed incredibly unusual and bizarre, and I had no idea how to act it out, but I was ecstatic to take on the challenge.”

Badgley outlined why he believes it was the correct decision to conclude that chapter of the storey: “They’ve completed their arc. We’ve visited numerous locations, saw both highs and lows, and it felt as though, ‘Okay, if this is going to happen, now is the moment.’

“To me, it is a truly meaningful conclusion to the chapters we’ve previously known about Joe. I believe that some truly substantial, fundamental changes must occur in the manner that Joe’s entire apparatus continues to function. Because we’ve seen him go through so much now. In terms of the show’s tone, there may be a pre-and post-Love era, as I’m not sure how much can be repeated.”

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You Season 4

What Did Will Happen in Your Season 4 Plot?

Joe, as previously said, is now in Paris following the death of Love, who, to be fair, attempted to slice his neck first. However, he once again wriggled his way out of that situation and freed himself from the confines of matrimony.

The only disadvantage was relinquishing custody of his son Henry to their neighbour Dante and his husband, despite the fact that this was ultimately in Henry’s best interests. (We cannot assert that he is incorrect.) Sera Gamble discussed how Joe’s abandonment of Henry could affect the upcoming season.

“You can’t pretend something so significant about a character didn’t happen,” she told E! News. I believe it will shape him going ahead. And even his precise plans for when and if he would return for his son are something we will discuss for hours and hours and hours in between munchies.”

Meanwhile, he has travelled to the French capital in search of Marienne and given his proclivity for stalking, Joe is certain to find her. However, he is believed to be dead as a result of being slaughtered by Love and baked into a pie, which should make for an interesting conversation when the pair finally meet, especially given that Love disclosed some frightening home truths about Joe to Marianne.

“I believe that if Joe finds [her], he will live happily ever after and have lovely children,” Badgley said during a TV Line interview. “He’ll learn to speak French, he’ll pursue a career as a writer, they’ll spend a lot of time along the Seine, and they’ll send their children to a Swedish school.”

“No, I believe Joe will remain unchanged. Someone who is thus terribly unwell, troubled, traumatised, and violent faces a significant obstacle if they are ever to heal and change. I’m not sure it’s conceivable for someone that deranged.”

“So what I’m hoping is that people not only appreciate it and say, ‘That was f**king nuts,’ but also have a talk about some of the darker parts of ourselves that we want to criticise and say, ‘It’s not in us,’ but it is in everyone.

“Human beings are fallible. We’re not even nice to ourselves. Most of us are not murderers, but I’m not sure. Is it truly Pollyanna to say that I hope people are a little gentler to themselves when it comes to their darker thoughts? Because they’re watching it and thinking, ‘Well, I’m a little taken aback by his ugly sentiments.'”

“I believe it may be more about Joe’s relationship with himself,” Badgley told Collider regarding season four. Because this is not a show about a serial killer; rather, this is a show about… I believe it is exaggerating the mistakes we make in relationships for the purpose of a good storey.

For example, we really need to put our swords down and cease being competitive in relationships, but that is extremely difficult to do.” Netflix has not confirmed if season four will be the final instalment of the show, but if it does, we’d anticipate it to also be the final instalment of You.

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You Season 4 Location

You season 4 appears to be set in either Paris, France, or London, United Kingdom. You’s first season was set and shot in New York, but the storey and production moved to Los Angeles for season two. “If you watched season one right through to season two, you’ll notice the sun-drenched colour palette,” Sera Gamble told Variety. “The light in Los Angeles is creamier than it was in season one.”

The third season of You was also filmed in California, with sites in the Los Angeles area serving as a stand-in for the fictional town of Madre Linda and a street in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys serving as the exterior of Love and Joe’s picturesque home.

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