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Engage Kiss Season 1: This Anime Series Is Going to Release in Upcoming Month!

Engage Kiss Season 1

You simply cannot turn down romantic manga. This type of manga will interest you despite the fact that you are not romantic due to its endearing charm.

Engage Kiss Anime is one of them. 1988 saw the initial publication of this manga. A- 1 Pictures has chosen to adapt this manga into an anime series.

Three main characters should be your main focus. We will discuss the plot up until the release date. You can hang on and read the details if you’re a fan of this manga.

Even if you are not a fan, I highly suggest reading this article to see if this could be added to your list of weekend binges.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Cast of Voice Actors

Kiss Anime’s Cast and Crew

Engage Kiss Anime series director is Tomoya Tanaka. Tomoya Tanaka has worked on a number of anime series as a storyboard artist and episode director, including Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

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Maruto Fumiaki is the writer of the anime’s scripts. Masaaki Takiyama will be in charge of animation character design, with Chiaki Furuzumi serving as an assistant.

Masaaki Takiyama has contributed to the anime series Banana Fish and The Fate. Chiaki Furuzumi worked on the production teams for the anime Death Note and Black Butler.

They are both the anime’s primary animation directors. Halco will perform the theme song for the anime “Darekare Scramble,” as seen in the promotional video.

What Is the Plot of the Anime Engage Kiss?

In the city of Bay Long, Engage Kiss’s narrative is set. The three main characters in the narrative are Shuu, Kisara, and Ayano. Baylong is an immigrant city.

This is a man-made island in the Pacific Ocean. Harvesting as many natural resources as they can is their main objective. The owner of a small business is Shuu.

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He frequently misplaces his earrings, though. He has struggled greatly with this his entire life. Most of the time, he runs out of money. Kisara is a girl who effortlessly handles multiple tasks.

She balances going to high school, managing her job, and maintaining control of her home. She has a special affection for Shuu.

She appeared to worry about him all the time. Ayano is the ex-colleague-turned-girlfriend of Shuu. Her life’s purpose is currently a mystery.

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Release Date of the Engage Kiss Season 1

We are crossing our fingers that there will be a tonne of new Engage Kiss Season 1 developments as June approaches.

According to several trustworthy sources, the premiere of Engage Kiss is scheduled for July 10, 2022. The exact airing times for each episode are still to be announced.

By bookmarking our website and returning frequently, you can quickly learn if we make any changes to this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Engage Kiss Anime Series?

There is no official confirmation of this news. But we think that it might come out on Tokyo MX in Japan. The rest of the world will be able to watch it on the same network channel. Netflix is one of the services that could stream it. But Netflix hasn’t said anything yet.

How Many Volumes Are There of Engage Kiss Light Novels?

There isn’t any official information about how many volumes of Engage Kiss there are.

When Will Engage Kiss Anime Be Released?

The movie Engage Kiss came out on July 3, 2022.

Is the Novel Engage Kiss Light Finished?

No, most likely Engage Kiss will come out right on TV.

Engage Kiss Season 1 Trailer

The Engage Kiss trailer is indeed accessible. On the provided Link, you can enjoy watching the trailer for the newest anime, Engage Kiss.

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