At Wimbledon, Alexa Chung and Tom Sturridge Kissed While Seated Next to His Ex-girlfriend!

There is a lot of public display of affection going on between Alexa Chung and Tom Sturridge. On July 3, the 38-year-old fashion designer and the 36-year-old actor who starred in Sandman were seen sharing a kiss while sitting courtside at Wimbledon.

Sienna Miller, who had previously dated Tom, and Oli Green, who was dating Miller’s boyfriend, were seated in front of the couple and shared some kisses of their own.

The amicable exes, who have a daughter together named Marlowe who is nine years old, can be seen taking selfies with Oli and Alexa while they watch the game in the photographs that were taken at the sporting event.

Alexa posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption “Wimbers,” which was accompanied by the photo. On top of that, she shared a few pictures of her friends on her Instagram Story, but Tom wasn’t one of them.


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Although Alexa and Tom have not addressed the public about the nature of their relationship, this is the second time that the pair has been seen together in recent times.

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The first time was when they were seen together at the Glastonbury Festival the weekend before last. Alexa was rumored to be dating musician Orson Fry at one point, but she has since removed all of their photos from her Instagram account.

Following their first public appearance together in 2015, Alexa began a relationship with Alexander Skarsgard and the couple remained together for a number of years before breaking up in 2017.

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Tom and Sienna Miller had a relationship for four years, during which time they were engaged for three of those years, before announcing in 2015 that they were no longer together.

In recent years, he has been seen out and about with Maya Hawke, who plays Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things, on multiple occasions.

Sienna disclosed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2017 that, despite their divorce, she and Tom Sturridge “still love each other” very much and are committed to raising their daughter together.

The interview was conducted in 2017.” However, it is true that we spend half of our time together in the same place, despite recent rumors to the contrary.

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Everyone will stay at my place, or we will all go on vacation together, and the reason for this is that we sincerely want to be around each other “she stated to the media outlet.

“It is wonderful that our daughter has two parents who are not only compatible but also love and care for each other. He is without a doubt the closest friend I have anywhere in the entire wide world.”

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