A Huge Security Officer Threw an Alil Baby Fan Roughly From the Stage!

After rushing the rapper at the 2022 Openair Frauenfeld festival in Switzerland on Thursday, a Lil Baby fan was forcibly flung off-stage by a massive security officer.

The crazy fan walked on stage in the hopes of obtaining a hug from Lil Baby, but as soon as he had the opportunity to touch the musician, he was speared by the security guard.

By extending his arm towards the spectator, it appeared as though Lil Baby was getting ready for the fan to touch him.

The security guard for the rapper did not think twice before pushing the fan off the stage and sent them hurtling into the barriers that separate the crowd from the stage.


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Take a look at these two contrasting perspectives of the security personnel throwing an audience member off the stage.

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Little Baby Does a Quick Check on the Fan

Lil Baby reportedly travelled to the fan’s location to inquire about their health, despite the fact that it is unknown whether the fan was okay.

A video shows the rapper walking over to the audience and what appears to be ordering them to stop booing the audience member.

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When trying to go on Lil Baby’s stage, fans are frequently stopped and tackled by security guards. During one of his tours, Lil Baby had stopped in Charlotte, and one of his fans ran on stage.

The rapper immediately gave the order for his security to take care of the fan. The fan was roughly grabbed away by the bodyguards, and they dragged him backstage.

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