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Bachelor 2022: Who Reality Steve Says Wins! All the Things You Need to Know

bachelorette 2022

People haven’t been able to find out how The Bachelor season 26 ends, but Reality Steve says that he knows who will be the one to get Clayton Echard’s heart. People have talked about Clayton’s season finale for years now.

Clayton’s season was very controversial from the start, and his season finale has been talked about for a long time now. A lot of people were disappointed that Clayton was chosen to be the lead, but he told everyone that he was ready for the job.

He said he was ready to find a wife and the love of his life. That said, Clayton’s decisions became more and more questionable and unpredictable as the season went on, but that didn’t stop him.

Clayton kept Shanae Ankney on the show even though the other women told him that she was a bad person. They were Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans, and he told them all that he loved them.

On their fantasy suite dates, he slept with Rachel and Gabby. Before they were to get married, Susie found out about the truth and left the show. She said she couldn’t believe that Clayton would show love and sleep with two other women just days before they were supposed to get married.

On his blog, Reality Steve said that the winner of Clayton’s season is Susie, but that was a big surprise. In reality, Steve has been able to find spoilers for almost every episode in the past.

Still, this season was so unpredictable that he didn’t say who the winner was until the first day of the two-part finale. People who saw the episodes told him about them, but he didn’t see them.

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As of now, almost all the spoilers Reality Steve has given about the finale have been true, like Rachel and Gabby meeting Clayton’s parents and Susie making the decision to see him again. This means that his statement that Susie is the winner might be true.

Reality When Clayton and Susie meet up in the second part of the finale, Steve tells us that he apologizes to her for their fight. He asks her to stay with him, and she agrees. She even meets his parents, which is a good thing.

It turns out Clayton is in love with Susie, so he sends Rachel and Gabby back home. Reality Steve said that Clayton proposes to Susie, and Susie rejects his proposal.

He has since said that this is not what happens. Instead, Clayton will tell Susie that he loves her, but she will say that she doesn’t love him, and Clayton will leave the show alone.

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However, Reality Steve thinks that Clayton’s interviews make it look like Clayton and Susie are back together. He also said that he has never been told that they are back together, and he would be surprised if they are.

Reality Steve seems to know that Susie has Clayton’s heart, but if Clayton’s feelings aren’t reciprocated, he could still be single. This isn’t the first time that Reality Steve has been wrong, so these spoilers might not be 100% accurate.

Mike Fleiss, the creator and executive producer of The Bachelor, tweeted earlier in the season that this season was unique because the finale was the first time the show had been aired on a Sunday “totally free of spoilers.

It’s not over until it’s over! It’s not over yet.” There has been a lot of talk about this being the best season finale ever, so anything could happen.

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