What Does Ice in My Veins Mean? Is It Commonly Linked to a Particular Hand Gesture in Discussion?

If you’ve been browsing TikTok in recent days, you’ve probably come across a good number of videos in which people say something along the lines of “ice in my veins.”

TikTok’s users are scratching their heads since it is typically accompanied by some kind of strange hand gesture. So, what exactly does it imply when people say they have “ice in their veins”? Let’s find out.

What Does Ice in My Veins Mean?

The term “ice on my veins” is currently being used extensively on TikTok, and it is a phrase that originates from the world of sports.

It is a common expression among NBA players and other athletes to say that they have “ice in their veins” to suggest that they are “cold-blooded.” This expression is also used to describe the sensation of being able to perform well under intense pressure.

Ice in My Veins

In most cases, it refers to the last few minutes of a game, when the outcome of the contest is uncertain, and you must summon every ounce of your strength and resolve to achieve victory, play your best, and guarantee that you come out on top.

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It is Commonly Linked to a Particular Hand Gesture in Discussion.

On TikTok, users frequently use the phrase “ice in my veins” in conjunction with a peculiar hand gesture in which they place two fingers on the arm on the opposite side of their body.

In most cases, Mother’s song “Hayloft” will be playing in the background while words will be displayed on the screen. When a game is getting close to its conclusion, NBA players will frequently make the hand signal to indicate that they have “ice in their veins” and that the game is drawing to a close.

D’Angelo Russell, a player for the Lakers, is credited with being the first to begin adopting it as a celebration position. On the other hand, the hand gesture now has a new connotation when it is used on TikTok.

Explaining the “Two Finger on Arm” Fashion Trend

The ‘ice in my veins’ gesture that was popularized by D’Angelo Russell is now being used all over TikTok, but it has taken on a new connotation than what it was originally intended to convey.

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The gesture is now commonly used to indicate that someone is disclosing a truth or reality about themselves. These kinds of films are typically constructed out of two separate pieces.

A TikTok user will begin by telling a tale about themselves and their lives. After that, there is a transition to a new clip in which they are shown placing two fingers on their arm.

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The person will typically make a major revelation about themselves at the same time as they perform the hand gesture, and the information will be displayed on the screen.

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