Senor De Los Cielos Season 8: Is This Series Release Date Confirmed or Not?

El Seor de los Cielos, is an American telenovela produced by Luis Zelkowicz based on an original concept by Andrés López and Mariano Calasso, premiered on the Telemundo television network in the United States.

Produced by Argos Comunicación, Telemundo Studios, Caracol International, and Telemundo International for the first season.

The previous boss of the Juarez Cartel, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, is the inspiration for the series. Rafael Amaya plays Aurelio Casillas, the title character, and his family is always there for him.

Chacorta, Casillas’ brother, assists him in his business endeavours. His wife’s name is Ximena. Rutila, Heriberto, and Luz Marina are their three adorable kids.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

On April 15, 2013, the first season of El Seor de los Cielos began airing. Secrets abound in El Senor de Los Cielos’ eighth seasoSeorn. Find out the release date for El Senor de Los Cielos’ eighth season first.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8: Is This Series Confirmed or Not?

El Seor de Los Cielos will return for its eighth season and this series renewed on February 15th, 2022, according to Telemundo, the show’s streaming home.

El Seor de Los Cielos fans were disappointed when the streaming service announced in the early months of 2018 that Season 7 would be the last season and that Season 8 would not be produced.

However, now that the show has been renewed for a second season, interest among viewers is at an all-time high. As of right now, El Seor de Los Cielos Season 8 has not yet been given an official release date.

However, Season 8’s filming is scheduled to start in 2022 and end in 2023. So it stands to reason that we could be able to watch this incredible series once more in 2023.

El Seor de Los Cielos’ Season 7 trailer was released two weeks before the start of the season. As a result, fans await the release of El Seor de Los Cielos Season 8’s debut trailer early in 2019.

Although we realise the wait will be lengthy, it will be worthwhile. If you haven’t already, binge-watch Telemundo’s previous season while you wait!

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8 Cast Members

When it comes to the cast of El Seor de Los Cielos Season 8, we will see many familiar faces from seasons 6 and 7. Let us find out who else will be appearing in this series.

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The main cast member of the series El Seor de Los Cielos is Rafael Amaya, who plays Aurelio Casillas. However, fans should not expect him to return for the next season of El Seor de Los Cielos.

He made a brief appearance in Season 7 of the show. Rafael’s absence diminished the brilliance of El Seor de Los Cielos season 7.

However, he was seen in a guest appearance in the spin-off series ‘El Chema.’ In the eighth season, Robinson Daz will be seen as the main lead.

He only appeared in the first season as Miltón Jiménez, but he returned to the sixth and seventh seasons. Casillas’ children have grown up with each season, and Carmen Aub is now playing Rutila Casillas.

Her acting has been outstanding throughout the seasons, and she will be seen in a much more daring role in the upcoming season.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

Matas Novoa, who plays Amado Casillas, another drug lord and the leader of the Juárez cartel, will also undoubtedly return in Season 8 of El Seor de Los Cielos.

Apart from these main characters, we can expect only a few new cast members to add a dash of brilliance to this fantastic crime drama.

How Many Episodes Will El Seor De Los Cielos Season 8 Have?

El Seor de Los Cielos, a popular Spanish crime drama, frequently airs lengthy episodes. The third season of the programme included a total of 104 episodes, making it the most of any season.

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The seventh season of the Spanish criminal drama debuted on October 14, 2019, and it concluded on January 31, 2020. Every episode was broadcast every day during the week, except Saturday and Sunday.

El Seor de Los Cielos, on the other hand, aired a total of 75 episodes this season. As a result, the fans can anticipate at least 75 episodes in the future season.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 7 Plot

Amado Casillas is the focus of season 7 of the popular Spanish crime drama El Seor de Los Cielos. He turns himself in the Mexican security because he does not want to be caught red-handed by American law enforcement and believes that there he will be forgiven for his misdeeds.

While the guards carry Amado to the prison, on the way to the airport, in spite of the heavy security, the Casillas cartel stops at nothing to save their man Amado.

Joe Navarro, the commissioner, struggles to make ends meet and racks his brain in whatever way imaginable to encounter Amado. Aurelio Casillas is being revived by Doa Alba and a professional at the same time as this uncomfortable scenario.

In the subsequent episode of the series El Seor de Los Cielos, he is unable to return. Watch this Spanish Telenovela on Telemundo, Hulu, and DIRECT TV to catch up on all the seasons.

Casillas Bid Aurelio Farewell

Pó José Valdivia, one of the Casillas clan’s most fearsome adversaries, enters the picture. He begins carrying out his plans for exacting revenge on the Casillas clan.

Javi was the first person he wanted to get rid of. While doing so, the Casillas family bids a final farewell to their dear Aurelio and returns to the game stronger to defend their loved ones.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 8

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Resurrection of Aurelio Casillas

Beginning with the first episode of El Seor de Los Cielos season 7, Doa Alba enlists the aid of a specialist in an attempt to revive Aurelio.

But when he was dying, it appeared that their efforts had been in vain. The Casillas simultaneously save Amado from the forces of Mexico and the United States of America.

Senor De Los Cielos Season 7 Trailer

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