Who is Summer Miami Luellen? The Bond Between Her Mother and Her Father!

Yung Miami, a well-known American rapper, has a gorgeous daughter named Summer Miami Luellen. Yung Miami is one half of the rap duo known as City Girls, which also features JT.

This gorgeous little girl is garnering a lot of attention thanks to her one-of-a-kind sense of style and her charming grin.

Additionally, she has an Instagram account that has more than 200,000 followers. The following is a rundown of everything there is to know about Summer in Miami.

Who is Summer Miami Luellen? Where Was She Born?

Summer Miami Luellen was born on the 16th of October 2019 in the United States, and her birthday, which is celebrated annually on the 16th of October, falls on October 16.

Summer Miami Luellen

As of the year 2021, she will be 1.5 years old. The name Joshua Howard Luellen is that of her father (Southside). Who is Young Sizzle, an 808MafiaBoss singer, while her mother, Yung Miami, is a songwriter and rapper from the United States.

Who Are the Siblings of Her?

It has been revealed that Summer’s older brother would go by the name Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. Additionally, he is the son of Yung Miami, who will be eight years old in the year 2021.

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The Bond Between Her Mother and Her Father

Regarding her private life, Yung has not yet tied the knot with anyone. However, she is a mother to a son that she shares with her exe-boyfriend, Jai Wiggins.

Summer Miami Luellen

Yung began dating Joshua Howard Luellen aka Southside, who is one of Atlanta’s top record producers in December 2018, but the couple broke up and reunited later in December after Southside bought Yung Miami a new Mercedes-Benz Class.

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The breakup occurred after Wiggins assaulted her and committed several acts of domestic violence. Wiggins and Yung broke up after Wiggins assaulted her and committed several acts of domestic violence. G. 2019.

Summer Miami Luellen’s Net Worth

According to the castalkie.com Since Summer Miami Luellen is too young to disclose her net worth at this point in her life, the amount of money she has is a mystery.


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Nevertheless, as of the year 2021, her mother Yung Miami has a net worth of approximately $2.6 million dollars. Her job as a vocalist has brought in a respectable amount of money for her, but her work as both a rapper.

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And a singer is where the majority of her money comes from. She is content with her earnings and taking pleasure in them.

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