How Do You Sign Up in Valtrace App? How to Use the Qr Code Scanner in This App?

Ordinance No. 783, also known as the ValTrace application Ordinance, has been passed into law by the city council of Valenzuela. It establishes the guidelines for the penalties that will be imposed as well as the applications that will be carried out.

The application is an initiative taken by the Government to make use of technology and keep social distancing as the prior motive of the citizens in account in order to put a stop to the spread of the Noble Coronavirus.

The government takes the lead in developing contactless forms and in optimizing the use of technology through the software that is being developed. The establishments that are covered by the Valtrace app download are those that are specified in the ordinance.

Users are required to register with the system, perform the QR scanning, and then send their local information to the local government after staying disconnected from the system for at least 24 hours.

How Do You Use the Qr Code Scanner in the Valenzuela?

It is an initiative that was taken to contact trace mobile application in response to the massive spread of the Pandemic.

Valtrace App

The Valenzuela City Local Government has passed the ordinance stating about the QR scanner requirement for the Valtrace App.

The application can be obtained by both residents and non-residents, and it can be downloaded for free by the former group.

The rule that “no QR, no entry” will likely be implemented very soon. The process of scanning a QR code is a very straightforward one.

  • Open the inbuilt camera, which should have the capability to scan QR codes (these days, the majority of smartphones already come equipped with this feature). There is an option to scan a QR code that you will find there.
  • If you are unable to locate one, navigate to the settings menu, tap the control center icon, and then select customize controls from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Adjust your mobile device so that the viewfinder’s QR code appears in the appropriate spot. When the phone is held in the correct position, the camera will automatically detect the code.
  • Attend your turn while the code is executed.

How Do You Sign Up?

Downloading and registering the Valtrace mobile app is now required of all residents and non-residents of the city of Valenzuela, as stipulated by the ordinance that was recently put into effect.

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1. To register for the ValTrace app, go to and click on the Registration button. Alternatively, you can search for the application in any online portal. A number of options, including “Citizen Sign up” and “Citizen Login,” as well as “Merchant Signup” and “Merchant Login,” are displayed on the page.

2. Navigate forward by clicking on the section that is pertinent to your inquiry. After you have finished the page, you will be asked for some of the information that is required, such as your name, birthdate, province, address, and mobile phone number.

3. After you have validated the password, click on the “Submit” button, and you are finished.

4. When travelling to any commercial location, you are required to scan the QR code before continuing on with your journey.

5. Anyone can help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus by performing good deeds and contributing through these straightforward steps.

How Do I Get the Valtrace App or Apk for Free to Track Down a Contact?

Keeping people safe and putting a stop to the further distribution of the Noble Coronavirus are the goals of the contact tracing application

. The idea behind it is straightforward: if someone gets infected, everyone who has been in proximity to them within the previous two months, including family members and friends, will be informed of the situation.

This is completed as quickly as possible. Because this is for the betterment of the country as a whole, the application and the entire process of registering to vote does not cost anything.

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Valtrace App

The Valtrace application is supported by the Ordinance, and as of the 12th of September, all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela are required to register and download their respective QR codes.

When a person scans their own QR code, their personal information is sent to the Central Contact Tracing system. Everything else is completely free of charge.

Those individuals who refuse to work in accordance with the ordinance may be subject to the charges that the government has inquired about.

How Does It Work?

Both residents of Valenzuela and those who are just visiting the city are required to have the Valtrace app installed on their mobile devices.

They are required to scan the QR code of the application form whenever they go out in any public or private places. This ensures that all of their individual information is sent to the Valenzuela central Contact Tracing System at the Mega Contact Tracing center for improved scanning of the individuals.

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The app will vibrate and alert the user’s friends and family as soon as any symptoms appear in any of the individuals. They will be asked to monitor the individual closely and to contact medical professionals if they observe any symptoms.

Valtrace app case net The use of Valenzuela, which is an initiative for a cause, will work better in preventing the virus from spreading at lightning speed, and it will also be appropriate for the welfare of Valenzuela.

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