How to Buy the Best Certified Moissanite Engagement Rings? Fire, Color, and Clarity

Because it is durable, eco-friendly, and man-made, moissanite is a dependable choice for anyone searching for a stunning white stone for their engagement ring.

And unlike diamonds, which you must judge for colour, cut, and clarity, if you purchase high-quality branded moissanite engagement rings, you can nearly always anticipate receiving a sparkling stone.

Let’s discuss choosing your ideal moissanite in more depth.

Price Of Ring

When compared to other colorless stones, moissanite is reasonably priced, especially when you take into account how long-lasting it is.

How to Buy the Best Certified Moissanite Engagement Rings?

So if you’re looking for a larger center stone on a tight budget, you’re in luck. For every dollar spent, you’ll get more moissanite, and you can spend that extra cash to get a matching wedding band.

Size of Ring

Remember that a 1-carat moissanite won’t be an exact 1:1 replica of a 1-carat diamond. A 1-carat moissanite will actually be a little bit bigger than a 1-carat diamond.

The difference in density between moissanite and diamond means that if you had a stone the same diameter in both materials, the moissanite would weigh 10% less and have a smaller carat size.

Thus, despite the fact that both stones are one carat, their real sizes may vary. The carat weight of a moissanite can still be used to estimate its size, but there are other practical tools and measurements that could make comparing stones easier.

Sculpt and Cut

The shape of your moissanite is a personal taste and one of the most enjoyable decisions to make. Because moissanite is a lab-created stone with a high clarity grade, it can be shaped into almost any shape using both brilliant and step cuts.

Even though some shapes are more popular than others, moissanite has a lot of fire and sparkle in almost every form.

Fire, Color, and Clarity

For its glistening rainbow fire, moissanite is well known. Actually, since they all do, you don’t need to worry about picking the one that produces the most flames.

The bulk of moissanite now available is of exceptional quality. Everyone imagines the scenario in which their partner proposes to them for marriage.

While some people have every detail of the event planned out, others need more guidance. There is no right or wrong way to choose your ideal moissanite engagement ring, so you can rest easy knowing that.

Continue reading to learn how to choose yours right away. Moissanite is undeniably rising in popularity in the jewellery industry.

However, moissanite is recognised for both its extraordinary brilliance and its strong durability. They sparkle unlike any other stone on the market, making them an excellent choice for engagement rings.

Numerous different types of moissanite are offered. Round, princess, cushion, emerald, radiant, pear, and marquise cuts are just a few of the countless choices.

The sizes of the centre stones in moissanite rings range from 0.50 carats to 6 carats. Everybody can find the perfect ring thanks to the wide range of sizes and forms available.

Because moissanite stones are always made in a lab, they are a great choice for your fine jewellery because they are environmentally friendly.

Couples on a tight budget should consider this lab-grown stone because it will cost less and have all the same wonderful qualities as a diamond.

You should be aware that moissanite may be utilised to create whatever style of jewellery you like, making it a cool option for your wedding bands or anniversary rings. Beautiful moissanite and diamond rings are available for all occasions.

How to Buy the Best Certified Moissanite Rings?

The fun part is getting to customise your ring with your unique style. There are plenty of people who are conscious of what they want in an engagement ring, whether they choose a traditional or vintage-inspired style.

You have access to a wide variety of styles. Both the popularity of vintage clothing and classic designs are on the rise. Therefore, every ring design from the past has been carefully researched.

How to Buy the Best Certified Moissanite Engagement Rings?

The antique collection offers a 1920s-era style with a modern twist thanks to its intricate design, gorgeous flowers, and sunburst haloes.

As well as providing superb finger coverage, the halos designed for the vintage moissanite rings also help you avoid spending more money on more expensive stones.

This real moissanite ring provides excellent finger coverage without being intrusive. A 5-carat pear-shaped moissanite ring with a diamond sunburst halo lends the ideal amount of vintage flair to your creative attitude.

If you work with professionals, finding the appropriate vintage wedding band to match your vintage engagement ring is now straightforward.

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There are options readily available with your ideal ring, and each moissanite wedding band is precisely chosen to match each engagement ring.

This moissanite diamond ring is a good illustration of the level of finger coverage the antique collection offers. The blooming vintage halo spreading out in all directions allows for the greatest finger coverage and lovely antique finish.

The solitaire series, which is created with superb silver and gold metal to allow your moissanite to shine clearly, will be loved by the minimalist bride-to-be.

One stone rings are recognised for their beauty and understatement. The tiny ring that beautifully secures your centre stone in place in this design lets it take centre stage.

Because they are made to display every moissanite and diamond cut stone, solitaire rings go nicely with moissanite wedding bands. A real show-stopper is the Emerald Moissanite Engagement Ring.

The distinctive glass-like step-cut luster of emeralds is well known. The aesthetic of the Solitaire series is contemporary.

Nowadays, it’s generally accepted that when playing traditional solitaire, you should employ more creative techniques. A round cut stone is often held in place by six prongs on a single band in a solitaire ring.

The most magnificent solitaire designs with different prong configurations and split shank bands have also been produced. This design is known as the Tiffany setting.

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