Los Espookys Season 3 Release Date: Where Was This Series Filmed?

Los Espookys, an HBO horror-comedy series in Spanish, attracted audiences with its unique blend of bizarre humor and terrifying visuals. The series was well-received by critics and audiences despite only comprising of six thirty-minute episodes.

Shortly following the conclusion of Season 1, when the series was granted the go-light for Season 2, fans rejoiced. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic interrupted and slowed progress, prolonging Season 2’s production by approximately three years.

Fortunately, the wait is nearly over for our group of horror-themed entrepreneurs. In September of this year, the most eccentric horror-core buddies on HBO will return for a new season.

Everyone eagerly awaits the next season of Los Espookys. If you’re seeking for a humorous and terrifying television program, this is it. In this post, we’ll introduce the show and discuss what to expect in Season 3.

Los Espookys Season 3 Release Date

With Fred Armisen, Julio Torres created, co-wrote, and directed the Chilean comedy television series Los Espookys. The first season premiered on HBO on June 14, 2019, and the second season will premiere on September 16, 2022.

Los Espookys Season 3

Season 3’s release date and time have yet to be announced, but amazfeed expect that Los Espookys Season 3 to arrive in 2023.

Where Can I See Watch Los Espookys Series?

All Los Espookys episodes are available on HBO MAX. A Prime membership is required to view all episodes of Los Espookys on this platform. To watch Los Espokys, you must have a subscription to both HULU and Amazon Prime Video. The series’ availability varies by location as well. Determine whether or not this resource is available.

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Who Will Reappear in Season 3 of Los Espookys?

We have yet to receive an official statement on the season 3 cast. However, based on previous season casts, we can predict that the series’ recurring characters will appear in the previous season of Los Espookys.

The following characters appeared as recurring characters in previous seasons and were cast in season 3.

  • Úrsula Played By Cassandra Ciangherotti
  • Andrés Valdez Played By Julio Torres
  • Renaldo Played By Bernardo Velasco
  • Tico Played By Fred Armisen
  • Juan Carlos Played By José Pablo Minor
  • Bianca Nova Played By Carol Kane
  • Beatriz Played By Giannina Fruttero

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This Show Ratings

Los Espookys has impressive scores, including a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 7.4/10 rating on IMDb, a 91% rating on Metacritic, and a 4.9 out of 5 rating in the Audience Rating Summary.

Los Espookys Season 3

Los Espookys Season 3 Plot Speculation

In the Spanish-language television series Los Espooky, which has English subtitles, Renaldo, a fan of horror and gore, establishes a business that provides thrills and chills to customers.

Ursula oversees the project’s planning and execution to support Renaldo in his spooky quest. Andres, the erratic heir to a chocolate family, longs to learn more about his ancestry. Tati, Ursula’s sister, works as the group’s test subject, doing a range of tasks.

Review of Los Espookys and Recap

I like SNL, first of all. I adored every role Fred Armisen played on the show. Likewise, I have no issues watching movies and television shows with subtitles.

When I first heard about the idea, I was intrigued, but I think that because the group was just starting out and had a limited budget, I had expected them to pull off even more incredible stunts.

I’d also like to find out more about how they created amazing events like the bed that sucked itself. The sci-fi aspect of the show also confused me a little bit because there were no mirrors.

Los Espookys Season 3

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Maybe the point of this show is to make me not comprehend. There are some intriguing moments, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it.

Where Was This Series Los Espookys Filmed?

The series Los Espookys was filmed in Chile.

Trailer For Los Espookys Season 3

If you enjoy watching the dark comedy Los Espookys, you might be curious if there is a trailer for season 3. The answer is no; a trailer for the new season is not yet available. Fans of the programme can still anticipate the upcoming season, which could premiere in 2023. The trailer for the previous season is currently available.

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