Canelo Alvarez Dating: What is Canelo Alvarez’s Relationship Status in 2022?

Canelo Alvarez has made his imprint on boxing as a professional for a long time. He has faced some of the top competitors in various weight classes and has more than 50 victories to his credit.

Now, he holds the titles of champion in the welterweight, middleweight, super-middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. Canelo Alvarez is currently rated as the top boxer in the world, pound for pound, by Box Rec, The Ring, BWAA, and TBRB.

Given how much is known about his athletic prowess, how much do we know about the Mexican pound-for-pound king’s personal life? Is he wed or just dating someone? Has he ever had children?

Here is a complete list of Saul Canelo Alvarez’s spouses, their relationships, and how they met. You’ll learn a little bit about his children in this post as well.

What is Canelo Alvarez’s Relationship Status in 2022?

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Fernanda Gómez tied the knot in May 2021, exactly one week after the Mexican champion broke Billy Joe Saunders’ orbital bone. They began dating intermittently in 2016, and they exchanged vows exactly one week after the fight.

Canelo Alvarez Dating

The couple who had been together for several years were married in Mexico in a grand ceremony. They exchanged vows in front of the altar at the Guadalajara Cathedral on May 15, 2021.

Canelo Alvarez Dating

It was an extremely special occasion to which only a select few were invited. They are six years apart in age. The wife of Canelo Alvarez is currently 25 years old and was born on July 3, 1996. A winner is a man the age of 31.

According to her online presence, Fernanda Gómez appears to be a social media celebrity. For instance, the Instagram account of Canelo Alvarez’s wife has approximately 970,000 followers.

Gómez appears to operate a “Nailbar & Boutique” in Guadalajara, Mexico and is also active on these social networking platforms.

Previous Relationship with Canelo Alvarez

You may know his name, but you likely do not know much about his former relationships. Let’s examine Canelo Alvarez’s previous girlfriends:

Marisol Gonzalez is the first woman he dated but ended the relationship with. Marisol is a media celebrity who performs, models, and works on television. She has crowned Miss Universe in 2003.

Marisol was eight years older than Canelo. When they met, he was only 19 years old and she was 27. As soon as they met, they became engaged.

After a lengthy relationship, they separated before their marriage. The two appeared to be unable to resolve their issues, so they decided to part ways.

Canelo Alvarez’s subsequent ex-girlfriend is Kate del Castillo. The actress Kate del Castillo is one. Kate attended several of Canelo’s fights, displaying her support for him despite their unconfirmed relationship.

Despite widespread speculations that they were dating, they both refused to confirm their relationship. Kate was unwilling to pursue the third marriage due to her two previous failed unions and divorce.

This is one of the reasons why she chose not to continue her relationship with Canelo. Cynthia Rodriguez is another one of Canelo Alvarez’s ex-girlfriends.

Cynthia Rodriguez is a musician who has participated in several talent competitions. She has additionally published studio albums. She is a soap opera actress and a television host. When they first met, they were both searching for employment in Los Angeles.

Canelo Alvarez Dating

They began conversing immediately and continued well after their workday ended. They began dating while attempting to conceal their relationship. Their connection was intermittent for a time, but it eventually ended.

Relationship of Canelo Alvarez Sherry De Lima

Shannon De Lima is the final woman on Canelo Alvarez’s list of ex-girlfriends. Shannon, a Venezuelan model, has dated several prominent personalities in the entertainment industry, including Marc Anthony.

The two were first spotted together by paparazzi. She quickly began to promote her relationship with Canelo on social media. Their relationship was running smoothly until it wasn’t, so they decided to end it.

How Many Children Does Alvarez Have?

Canelo Alvarez amassed a large number of professional victories before his 18th birthday and was rapidly ascending to boxing immortality. In 2007, Alvarez and his high school sweetheart, Karen Beltran, welcomed their first child, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez.

Canelo and Karen were both too young to care for a child on their alone, but the champion would not back down from his responsibilities as a teenage father and moved in with Beltran at age 16.

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Even though he and Karen were unable to reunite, he maintains a close relationship with his daughter, who will soon turn fifteen. Emily occasionally attends her father’s bouts and celebrations.

He is currently married to Fernanda Gomez, whom he met afterward. In December 2017, he and she welcomed Maria Fernanda Alvarez, their daughter.

They dated for one year before their breakup. Alvarez, like Emily, continued to fulfill his responsibilities as Maria’s father even after separating from Gomez.

Canelo dated Nelda Sepulveda for almost one year during a brief separation from his current wife, Gomez. Saul Adiel Alvarez was born to him and his wife. Canelo’s roughly 3-year-old son is frequently featured on his father’s Instagram page.

Canelo Alvarez Dating

According to online speculations, Canelo has a second daughter named Mia Ener Alvarez. He supposedly had her with Mexican beauty Valeria Quiroz. However, this has not been officially confirmed, and neither Mia nor Valeria are widely known.

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