Youngboy Has Signed a New Deal With Motown Records!

Billboard has been informed by sources familiar with the matter that YoungBoy Never Broke Again will soon be signing with Motown. After releasing music on Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records (where he released four official studio albums and many more mixtapes), YoungBoy will begin releasing music on Motown, which is owned by Universal Music Group, in 2023.

During his time at Atlantic Records, YoungBoy released a total of eight albums. Since last year, when he signed a global joint venture deal with the label and his Never Broke Again collective, Youngboy has already been working with Motown.

Alex Junnier is the one who manages Youngboy’s career at this point. Together, they have already distributed two compilations: Never Broke Again: The Compilation Volume 1 (2021) and Green Flag Activity (2022).

On October 28, they will distribute their third compilation, Nightmare on 38th Street, which will be headlined by the track “Searching” starring Ten.

Youngboy Has Signed a New Deal With Motown Records!

Youngboy, who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rose to prominence in 2015 and, after signing with Atlantic Records in 2017, went on to become one of the most successful talents in the music industry.

Since then, he has had 24 albums chart on the Billboard 200, 11 of which were in the top 10, four of which were at the top spot. Because of his incredible productivity, each of the 24 charting titles was released in the span of just over five years and made it to the chart (since Aug.

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2017). Youngboy has already made its debut on the list with a total of six different projects, five of which are solo undertakings and one of which is a joint set with DaBaby (Better Than You).

He has more top 10 albums than any other act in 2022, and he has published four albums in roughly the past two months: The Last Slimeto, Realer 2, 3800 Degrees, and Ma I Got a Family.

He has charted four top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 in 2022, which is more top 10s than any other act this year. According to Luminate’s calculations, Youngboy’s discography as a whole has generated a total of 16.75 million equivalent album units in sales.

His whole discography has amassed a total of 29.04 billion on-demand official streams in the United States.

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