The Handmaid Tale’s Season 6 Release Date: Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Season ?

The Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian television series created by Bruce Miller and based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name.

The streaming service Hulu ordered 10 episodes of the series as a straight-to-series order, and production began in late 2016. The plot depicts a dystopia following the Second American Civil War in which a theocratic, totalitarian society enslaves childbearing women known as “Handmaids.”

Now, all The Handmaid’s Tale viewers are awaiting information regarding the premiere date of season six. This article contains the most up-to-date information from our sources regarding the renewal of The Handmaid’s Tale season 6, so please read it thoroughly until the end.

Is Season 6 of The Handmaid’s Tale Renewed or Cancelled?

Fans are concerned that the popular dystopian thriller The Handmaid’s Tale, which is currently in its fifth season, will not be renewed for a sixth season.

The Handmaid Tale Season 6

Despite its critical and financial success, there has been no word on whether the program will be renewed. The show’s ratings have been declining in recent seasons.

As a result, they may have an impact on the decision. Regardless of whether the show is renewed or canceled, its devoted fan base will continue to tune in.

The Handmaid Tale Season 6 Release Date

Even though the producers have not yet made the news public, there has been some speculation over the show’s future. It appears that The Handmaid’s Tale’s sixth season will have a release date announced soon after its existence is made public.

According to the schedule for the show, The Handmaid’s Tale’s sixth season will debut before the end of 2023, according to amazfeed.

Who Will Appear in Season 6 of the Handmaid’s Tale?

We have yet to receive an official statement on the season 6 cast. On the other hand, based on previous season casts, we can expect the series’ recurring characters to appear in The Handmaid’s Tale’s previous season.

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The following characters appeared as recurring characters in previous seasons and were cast in season 6.

  • June Osborne portrays Elisabeth Moss.
  • Serena Joy Waterford plays Yvonne Strahovski.
  • Dr. Emily Malek is played by Alexis Bledel.
  • Janine Lindo introduces Madeline Brewer.
  • Aunt Lydia Clements plays Ann Dowd.
  • Luke Bankole is played by O-T Fagbenle.
  • Commander Nick Blaine features Max Minghella.

The Handmaid Tale Season 6 Plot

The United States of America was renamed Gilead after a religiously driven government seized power. Women are viewed as lower-class individuals in this country.

Any effort at escape will result in punishment. June is the name of one of these persons. While she and her husband are trying to leave the country with their child, she gets captured.

She is then ordered to become a handmaid and have children for government leaders who are childless. When June is made a handmaid, she is given the new name Offred. This is a description of her life.

The Handmaid Tale Season 6

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What Are the Show’s Ratings?

The Handmaid’s Tale has gotten a fair number of ratings because of its compelling plot and superb casting. The Handmaid’s Tale gets an acceptance rating of 82% on the website Rotten Tomatoes, an 8.2/10 on the website IMDb, a 4/5 on the website Common Sense Media, and a 92% approval rating from Google users.

What Are the Review & Recap of the Handmaid’s Tale?

The premise of the show is that, given half a chance, a crucial number of men will join a horrible, oppressive cult that rules a pool of pregnant women and keeps them under control with a make-believe religion.

“Who we are…now let’s tweak anything (no matter how obscure) and study what happens next” must be the premise of every great work of fiction. The author’s perspective in this regard seems wholly incorrect.

I’d venture to say it’s actually misogynistic. Other than that, the writing is top-notch. The show is horrible to watch since these women are forced into situations against their will.

They must follow a rigid set of rules while being watched over by a covert police unit and its informants. This brutal piece of fiction is unforgiving.

If the premise weren’t so bizarre, it would rank among the finest. It is absurd to think that a lunatic pseudo-religious cult would gain such popularity and a sizable following that it would instantly crush all opposition, the legal system, and the American military.

The Handmaid Tale Season 6

You might even call it “alternative reality” when starting with such a skewed assumption. Atheists and militant feminists like Margaret Atwood have strong beliefs about both religion and patriarchy, which appears to be the focus of this program.

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The show also seems to drag at times. The actual book contained an introduction and a conclusion. It wasn’t intended to serve as a constant homage to sadism.

Trailer of The Handmaid Tale Season 6

If you enjoy the dark comedy television series The Handmaid’s Tale, you may be wondering if there is a season 6 trailer. The answer is no; there is no trailer for the upcoming season at this time. Fans of the show, on the other hand, can look forward to the new season, which may air in 2023. Right now, you can see the trailer for the previous season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Religion Does Handmaid Revolve Around?

The Handmaid’s Tale is based on the religion of Puritan theocracy.

Will the Handmaid’s Tale Have the Sixth Season?

There are currently no formal announcements regarding Season 6 of The Handmaid’s Tale. If the creators pursue their aspirations, the film might be released by the end of 2023.

When Was the Handmaid’s Tale Series First Published?

On April 26, 2017, The Handmaid’s Tale was published for the first time.


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