Enola Holmes 3 Release Date: What Can We Expect From This Series?

Enola Holmes 3 has not yet been confirmed for Netflix, but the sequel has already topped the streaming service’s most-watched charts.

In Enola Holmes 2, Millie Bobby Brown reprised her role as Sherlock’s younger sister Enola, and Henry Cavill reprised his role as Sherlock Holmes.

After their two separate cases were merged into one large mystery, the two reluctantly formed a partnership. The sequel concluded with some exciting additions to the Enola Holmes universe, and Brown told ScreenRant that a third film is already in the works “Yes, unquestionably.

I would love to participate in another. I’d love to see her take on more cases, be put under pressure, and be placed in bizarre situations to make her feel vulnerable once more.

I am thrilled to see her back at work.” And so did we, which is why we hope Netflix confirms a third film soon, especially now that the world includes two classic Sherlock characters.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

In light of this, here is everything you need to know about a possible Enola Holmes 3 and what fans can anticipate.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

According to digitalspy, As previously stated, Netflix has not yet confirmed Enola Holmes 3, so there is currently no release date for the sequel.

We can make some educated guesses, however, as the first film was released in September 2020 and the sequel in November 2022. A late-year release seems likely for the third film, but we may have to wait at least until September 2024.

Brown and Cavill are likely to be extremely busy in the near future with Stranger Things season 5 and a potential Superman film, respectively, which could have a negative impact on Enola Holmes 3.

Let’s however hope not. When new information becomes available, we will update this article.

Ending of Enola Holmes

Enola manages to elude Mycroft after escaping at the end of the film, but Sherlock is on to her. Enola returns to her room after disguising herself as a newspaper boy to hide in plain sight.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

She is informed that she has a visitor. It’s her mother, Eudoria, who has gone missing and says she can’t stay long because people are watching.

But what happened to her? The film’s ending does not explicitly state where she vanished to. Earlier in the film, we learn that Eudoria is involved in both the women’s suffrage movement and the more extreme side of things, with explosives and combat.

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Eudoria explains that she left because she loved Enola and not because she didn’t love her. It’s implied that she went on a secret mission to improve the world for women, including Enola. She wanted to tell Enola where she was going, but it wasn’t safe… and we, the audience, don’t know where she went either.

According to Nancy Springer’s book series, Eudoria went to live with the Romani people after responding to one of Enola’s secret coded messages in the newspaper.

Enola Holmes 3 Cast

  • Enola Holmes is played by Millie Bobby Brown.
  • Sofia Stavrinou plays a younger version of Enola.
  • Sherlock Holmes is played by Henry Cavill.
  • Mycroft Holmes is played by Sam Claflin.
  • Eudoria Holmes is played by Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Tewkesbury is played by Louis Partridge.
  • Linthorn is played by Burn Gorman.
  • Lestrade is played by Adeel Akhtar.
  • Edith is played by Susie Wokoma.
  • Lady Tewkesbury is played by Hattie Morahan.
  • Sir Whimbrel Tewkesbury is played by David Bamber.
  • Lane is played by Claire Rushbrook.
  • Miss Harrison is played by Fiona Shaw.
  • Miss Gregory is played by Ellie Haddington.


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Enola Holmes 3 Plot: What Can We Expect From Enola Holmes 3?

Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes series has eight books, so there’s plenty of material to draw from. However, Enola Holmes 2 departs significantly from the book’s narrative, reintroducing characters and introducing new storylines.

Enola Holmes 3 will most likely deviate even further from the books, so it’s unclear whether the plot will be based on any specific mysteries in the novels.

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But, like the first and second films, it may borrow a few scenes from The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (the third book in the Enola series) to create a new story for the adolescent detective.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

And based on the ending of Enola Holmes 2? Enola and Sherlock will almost certainly team up against Moriarty, who has escaped from prison. Oh, and prepare for more Watson.

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Enola Holmes 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, even a detective like Enola would be unable to locate footage of Enola Holmes 3 because it has yet to be filmed. If we’re correct about a late 2024 release, we’ll be waiting a long time, as the first trailer for the sequel was only released two months before the film.

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