Who is Ashanti Dating: How Much is Her Net Worth?

Ashanti is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She has appeared in numerous films, including Malcolm X in 1992, Who’s the Man? In 1993, Bouge! In 1997.

Bride and Prejudice in 2004, The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz in 2005, Coach Carter in 2005, John Tucker Must Die in 2006, Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007, Mutant World in 2014, Mothers and Daughters in 2016, and stuck in 2017.

Many of her fans are curious as to who she is dating. Let’s read the article to find out who Ashanti is dating.

Year  Boyfriend’s Name 
2018-2019 Nas
2016-2018  James Harden
2015-2016 Darnell Dockett 
2013-2015 DeSean Jackson 
2003-2005 Chink Santana 
2003-2014 Nelly 
2001-2004  Irv Gotti 

Who is Ashanti Dating

Ashanti is a singer, songwriter, and actress from the United States. She was first noticed when she was a young pop singer. In 2002, she signed with Murder Inc. Records. She was involved with both Ja Rule’s Always on Time and Fat Joes What’s Luv album.

Who is Ashanti Dating

In 2002, these two songs rose to fame. She made history by producing Foolish and What’s Luv, the top two albums on the American Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Ashanti caught Irv Gotti’s attention at first because of their superb vocal abilities. Ashanti from 2000, Chapter II II from 2003, Ashanti’s Christmas from 2003, Concrete Rose from 2004, The Declaration from 2008, and Braveheart from 2014 are a few of her well-known albums.

She recently started dating American rapper Joyner Lucas, according to Yahoo.

Is Ashanti Dating Someone in 2022?

According to sources, before dating American rapper Joyner Lucas, American rapper Ashanti was single. Joyner Lucas is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from the United States.

After releasing his single album Ross Capicchioni in 2015, he gained widespread attention and critical acclaim. In June 2017, he released his fourth mixtape, 508-507-2209, which became a major label.

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Following that, he re-released his single, I’m Not Racist, which is expected to go viral and gain mainstream attention. At the 61st Grammy Awards, the music video was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video.


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What is Ashanti Age?

Ashanti’s age is 42. (born on 13 October 1980). Her favourite albums are 2010s Animal, 2012’s A Warrior, 2017’s Rainbow, and 2020s High Road.

She has appeared in a number of films, including Brave Supershow in 2007, Final Flesh in 2009, Princess Ke$ha in 2011, Katy Perry: Part of Me in 2012, Jem and the Holograms in 2015, A Ghost Story in 2017, and Rainbow: The Film in 2018.

She began playing the guitar at a young age. She took part in a number of local drama productions. She appeared on numerous children’s television shows as well as American reality shows. She had numerous auditions and won numerous awards.

How Much is Ashanti’s Net Worth?

Ashanti has a net worth of $5 million. However, some of her best-selling albums had not yet been released. During this time, she was devastated.

Who is Ashanti Dating

She resumed her study of music labels and albums. She began collaborating with well-known local American singers and writers. She established her own studio and began producing music in the genres of rock, R&B, gospel, soul, and pop.

You should check out her well-known music videos, blogging channel, and numerous music albums. In 2010, she performed on the television show My Mic Sounds Nice: The Truth About Women in Hip Hop.

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