What Happened to Ty on Heartland: Why Did He Decide to Leave Heartland Series?

Ty Borden, portrayed by Graham Wardle, has played a significant role in the plot of the CBC drama “Heartland” ever since the pilot episode, in which he frightens Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and her best friend Soraya (Greta Onieogou) and their horses by driving his pickup truck too close to them.

He is en route to the Heartland ranch to begin a trial period working for her family. Over the next 14 seasons, Ty and Amy’s relationship becomes the “heart” of “Heartland,” propelling it to become the longest-running hour-long Canadian drama.

The relationship between the two characters has its ups and downs, but to the delight of the audience, they marry at the conclusion of Season 8 in the episode “Written in Stone.”

As you might expect, the slow burn of that relationship attracted numerous shippers. But if you’ve recently begun watching “Heartland” again, you may have noticed a glaring absence: Ty is no longer a cast member. So, what exactly happened to Ty? Will he return again?

Why Did Ty Decide to Leave Heartland?

This was a two-year-in-the-making ending for the character. That’s when Graham Wardle reportedly informed Marshall, a close friend off-screen after all these years acting together, that he was leaving the show.

What Happened to Ty on Heartland

The actor has reportedly decided to focus on non-actor endeavours, such as his faith-based podcast. “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction,” Wardle said in a January email to The Canadian Press (via The Chronicle-Journal).

“I now host the ‘Time Has Come’ podcast, and a future episode will be released in which I plan to share much more about my decision and my gratitude for the 14 years I’ve spent on ‘Heartland.

Marshall told the newspaper about her co-star, “Playing a character for well over a decade is a huge commitment.” If you ask anyone who has been in the same job or position for ten years or more, they will often say, “Maybe I want to try something else, maybe I want to do different things.”

She did, however, admit that Wardle’s decision to leave “hurt” her at first. She does, however, say that she is now proud of her co-star. “I believe it is critical to listen to our gut instincts, to understand what truly motivates us, and to act on that.”

And, yes, you will cause harm to others along the way. But he did it in such a gracious manner to all of us. “And I believe that is the most important thing,” she stated. Many international fans of the show have yet to witness Ty’s shocking departure because Netflix has yet to begin streaming Season 14.

What’s On Netflix reported in June that UPTV, an American gospel-based cable channel, has an exclusive streaming deal for “Heartland” that runs until March 2022.

Those who prefer to watch the show only on Netflix may miss Ty’s final episode, “Keep Me in Your Heart,” until then.

What Happened to Ty on Heartland?

The feel-good family show “Heartland” is typically known for its warmth, horses, and breathtaking Canadian scenery. It’s also notable for having been able to keep the majority of its main cast throughout the course of the series, which is unusual for one with such a long run.

But when Ty was killed off at the start of Season 14, fans were in disbelief. He and Amy had both been shot at the conclusion of Season 13, and while they both appeared to recover, Ty the veterinarian experienced complications.

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A blood clot claimed his life in the season’s first episode. Fans of “Heartland” experienced such a shock that some of them posted on Reddit that the show is now also dead. Amber Marshall appeared to concur with the Calgary-Herald in her comments that Ty’s passing would be difficult for the audience.

What Happened to Ty on Heartland

Everybody is affected by death at some point in their lives, she said. “I think it’s so important to see this widowed mother muster the fortitude and courage to move forward for her daughter and really consider what’s best for the surrounding family.

And to be aware that it isn’t simple. Death is never simple, and it shouldn’t be. The best way you can honour that person and their journey is to keep going and live each day as it comes.

Well, the actor who played him made that decision.

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