How Did Bob Proctor Die: How Did He Become a Author?

Bob Proctor was a Canadian author and lecturer on self-help. He was most well-known for his 1984 New York Times best-seller You Were Born Rich and for his contribution to the film The Secret (2006).

Proctor's teachings frequently referenced the pseudoscientific concept of the Law of Attraction to support the notion that a positive self-image is crucial for achieving success.

Bob Proctor Cause of Death, Author Bob Proctor died at the age of 87. However, Bob Proctor's cause of death is unclear to some, so we've included the information below.

Early Life of Bob Proctor

As a child, Proctor claimed to have had a low self-esteem and little ambition, dropping out of Danforth Tech after a bandsaw-injured thumb and having no plans for the future.

How Did Bob Proctor Die

While working in a fire department in Toronto, Proctor met a man who gave him the book Think and Grow Rich at the age of 26, claiming it was the first book he had ever read.

Soon after, Proctor claimed that his life began to change as a result of the book. Proctor claimed that his first business was a cleaning service, which he claimed earned him more than $100,000 in its first year despite having no formal education or business experience.

How Did Bob Proctor Die?

Bob Proctor, the author, died at the age of 87. There isn't much information available on Bob Proctor Cause of Death. We will update this once we learn the exact cause of death for Bob Proctor.

Universal Law

Proctor tried to encourage the reader to connect with their “inner self” throughout all of his writing. He asserted that people's “inner selves” are in charge of everything that comes into their lives and that even individuals with sufficient knowledge and skills might produce subpar results because of a flawed paradigm.

Proctor advised students to attend his seminars and adhere to his brand of personal development instead of academic instruction, which he claimed was harmful.

Proctor asserted that everything in the cosmos vibrates and that comparable vibrations attract one another, despite the lack of any evidence for the Law of Attraction.

Proctor further asserted, using examples from Kirlian photography, that a person's body emits a “energy field” and that the mind and body vibrate at particular frequencies that, if harnessed, can lead to particular outcomes.

Given that people have the ability to regulate their thoughts, he hypothesized that they can decide to manipulate these vibrational frequencies in order to influence the outcomes by attracting things that vibrate at the same frequency.

Proctor's lectures, according to detractors, were a pseudoscientific misinterpretation of quantum mechanics. Proctor replied that his ideas were “the fundamental rules of the cosmos.”

According to Proctor, the Law of Attraction allows anyone to make any change they want in their life. Additionally, according to Proctor, even a worldwide recession is the product of an economy that has experienced an overwhelming amount of vibrational negativity.

The Wall Street Journal stated in a 2009 story that Proctor's adherents were “being shammed” if they thought they could just choose not to participate in the recession.

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How Did Bob Proctor Become a Author?

How Did Bob Proctor Die

He struggled to find well-paying work after graduating from high school. He did, however, get low-paying jobs. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to read the book “Think and Grow Rich,” which surprisingly changed his mindset and motivated him.

He then founded a floor-washing company, which quickly expanded to include corporate offices in Toronto, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, London, and Chicago.

He began working for Earl Nightingale in 1961 and quickly rose to the position of Vice President of Sales. He then established a network of nineteen companies that specialized in personal development through seminars, programmer, books, and one-on-one coaching.

Later, he and Sandy Gallagher founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Aside from these, he has written a number of books, which are listed below:

How Did Bob Proctor Die

Who is the Wife of Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor and his beloved Linda were happily married. Their wedding plans, however, have yet to be revealed. The couple has three children together. Colleen, Brian, and Raymond Proctor are their names.

The couple is currently living a happy life with their children. The family can be seen spending quality time together on occasion.

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