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Do you want to know whether Drax and Mantis are dating in Guardians of the Galaxy? We are, in fact, discussing Drantis, who plays a role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

So far, Dave Bautista and Pom Klementieff have taken on the roles of these characters in the show. As fans have been following their journey, they have been left wondering whether or not there is any romantic interest between the two of them.

Drax, the Destroyer, had his first appearance in “The Invincible Iron Man,” which introduced him to the general public. Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin are responsible for its conception and creation.

To elaborate further on Drax, he possesses superhuman strength, is an accomplished swordsman, but has a diminished understanding of the cosmos.

On the other hand, Mantis was introduced to the public for the first time in The Avengers. Don Heck and Steve Englehart are responsible for the creation of the character.

Mantis, like the majority of the other Marvel characters, possesses some superhuman talents such as energy manipulation and astral projection.

Are Drax And Mantis Dating In GOTG

Additionally, she is an accomplished martial artist and possesses a regenerative healing factor. Who or what is Drantis? In case you were unaware, Drax and Mantis are canonically buddies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As a result of seeing that, a lot of Marvel fans are curious about whether or not they are romantically involved with each other. If you are wondering whether Drax and Mantis are dating in GOTG, the following is all we know about the relationship between the two characters.

Are Drax And Mantis Dating in GOTG?

No. In GOTG, Drax and Mantis are not dating. We have witnessed their journey to Earth. Why were they going? Due to obtaining Kevin Bacon.

Drax and Mantis are great friends, and nothing more needs to be said. Will Drax and Mantis develop a romantic relationship? We cannot confirm that.

However, there is a possibility! Mantis has only revealed her secrets to Drax. We cannot assume they are dating based on this, as it is also a sign of their friendship.

In GOTG, fans can already observe the connection between Drax and Mantis. However, it is very pure and innocent. Both are highly compatible, which has Marvel fans speculating about their connection.

Are Drax And Mantis Dating In GOTG

Also, Drax and Mantis are very compatible. Both individuals have difficulty interacting with others. It is known as social awkwardness. But that is the case.

Drax has been observed attempting to rescue Mantis and transport her to the Ravager ship. Drax has stated in GOTG that she is not physically attractive.

But who cares about appearance? In order to be good in general, a person must be internally attractive. Likewise, Drax admires Mantis for being sincere.

But that has nothing to do with romance. The mantis has the capacity for empathy. What does this signifier? The character can perceive and interpret the emotions of others.

In GOTG, Mantis has not experienced any romantic feelings from either side (neither her nor Drax). When Drax told Mantis that she was physically unattractive, she became extremely upset.

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In addition, he requested that she put her Ego to sleep. For this reason, she stated that Ego was too strong, which demonstrates that Mantis lacks self-confidence.

However, guess what? Drax persuaded her. In GOTG, both Drax and Mantis have given fans hints that they could become a couple in the future, if not now.

Are Drax And Mantis Dating In GOTG

However, Drax and Mantis are not currently dating. Do you recall the worst aspect? Drax also ruined it. Once, he stated that Mantis is very naive and more like his “daughter” than anything else.

This ruined their romantic strategy. Nonetheless, there is always a chance. Nothing is certain; anything can occur at any time!

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