Luiz Costa Macambira, The Man Behind The Biggest Bashes In Monaco 

A single celebration can define a moment in time, and there’s no party like a Luiz Costa Macambira party. Luxury, entertainment, flowing champagne, and celebrity-studded guest lists, are just a few of the characteristics of his illustrious events in the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco, the charming country on the Mediterranean French Riviera, provides exceptional security and superior infrastructure and is one of the most sought-after destinations for sophisticated UHNWIs. Here, we venture into the luxurious world of the well-to-do to learn about the celebrated media mogul and former trader tycoon Luiz F. Costa Macambira and his lavish parties.

Monaco is home to the world’s highest volume of UHNWIs on the planet. With a population of around 39,000 as of 2022, it’s the densest area to find the affluent and see their world firsthand. Destination travelers are either part of the flock or used to rubbing elbows with similar folks due to the caliber of hotels in the region. A bit like an exclusive club; it’s not the sort of place you visit without an invitation or prior participation in related circles.

From galas to black-tie charities, events in Monaco reflect their environment, and those put on by Luiz Costa Macambira draw a particularly glitzy crowd. The celebrated CEO and publisher of Forbes Monaco magazine knows how to throw a memorable event. From recognizable guests and luxurious venues, his parties are the place to see and be seen.

The Monegasque businessman, visionary, and serial entrepreneur is responsible for uniting the two most iconic luxury entities: Forbes Magazine and the Principality of Monaco. His innate understanding of the high-class lifestyles of the region is a key contributor to the popularity of his iconic events; as a true insider of the real “Monaco Club,” his diverse business past and international travel color the parties with an unparalleled appeal.

After a two-year hiatus, due to COVID, Costa Macambira’s much-awaited Forbes event finally came back onto the Monaco scene. The theme was Metaverse—an apt tie into the current cultural zeitgeist. Set at the iconic and exclusive Yacht Club of Monaco ballroom, the event did not disappoint. Guests were, as expected, blown away by the setting, entertainment, and that je ne sais quoi, quintessential to anything and everything that Costa Macambira creates.

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