Al Sancak Episode 2 Release Date: Let’s Explore the Cast Team of This Show!

Al Sancak, Can Emre's latest military-themed show, will soon have a brand-new episode. If you want a show with a lot of action, this one is for you.

There are a lot of intense gunfights and hand-to-hand fights. Al Sancak, which used to be called Avci, is a story about a soldier named Ali Banazli who does his best to protect the country.

The main characters in Al Sancak are played by great Turkish actors like Ugur Günes and Gulsim Ali (both from Dirilis: Ertugrul). On January 19, 2023, the show was shown for the first time on TRT 1, which was the TV station that sold it.

Even though we don't know how many episodes have been ordered, we can expect to see more of Al Sancak, which has become very popular after just one episode.

Ali Banazli and his partners meet a criminal named Nadia Ivanov who is very smart and skilled. Nadia, who is played by Gulsim Ali, seems like someone you wouldn't want to mess with because she's always up to something.

Series Al Sancak 
Genre    Action
Directed by   Can Emre 
Country of Origin Turkey         
OTT Platform TRT 1
Al Sancak Episode 2 Release Date January 26, 2023

Ali, on the other hand, is a soldier who is down-to-earth and stays a loyal fighter even though he lost one of his best friends. Ridvan Aybars (who plays Selim Atakan), Emre Dinler (who plays Cengiz Uslu), Idris Nebi Taskan (who plays Aras Guneri), Gozde Turker (who plays Asli Yuzbasi), and Osman Soykut are also part of the show's cast (Mitat).

Most of these actors will be playing Ali's allies who will fight with him.

What is the Release Date of Al Sancak Episode 2?

On January 26, 2023, the next episode Al Sancak Episode 2 will Release. Every Thursday, a new episode of Al Sancak will come out. Each episode will be 139 to 140 minutes long.

Quick Recap for Al Sancak Episode 1

The first episode of the show told the story of Ali Banazli, a soldier who is about to go on a new mission. He keeps having dreams about the day when he lost his friend while fighting the enemy.

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He goes up a mountain to forget about it. There, the special forces call him and ask him to work on something new. While this is going on, a group of top leaders is putting together a team of 10 great soldiers who have already shown they can do well on the field.

They want these soldiers to fight for the good of the country as a whole and keep terrorists away. Ali meets up with his other soldiers, and then he is told to go see the chief. He tells them about a man who goes by the name Martin Colbert.

Al Sancak Episode 2 Release Date

Nadia Ivanov, on the other hand, makes a deal with the bad guy. She tries to trick him, but she is caught in the act, or so she thinks until a few soldiers show up with a birthday cake for her.

Later, Nadia is working on another deal, but she ends up shooting a man to test the gun. Soldiers set up a trap in a house. It turns out that this is where Nadia and her group were hiding and trading weapons. Nadia leaves the area when she gets the feeling that they are being watched.

Martin gets shot in the leg by Ali, who then has him trapped. Ali shoots him again, and then he finds Nadia running away. He fights with her hand to hand.

Ali and Nadia are both strong, but when Nadia pulls out a knife, she hurts Ali. Ali hides when he sees Nadia's backup coming. This makes Nadia run into a small building that later burns down.

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The soldiers make it out of the place alive, but they don't take Nadia with them. Now that they are back at their base, the soldiers are happy that they were able to kill Martin Colberd. Nadia is seen going to a different place.

She has a picture of Ali in her hand. Nadia comes to Ali's house while he is at a wedding. Ali gets to the house while she is looking around, and there is another shoot-out. Ali thinks about how she might have gotten out of the fire.

Al Sancak Episode 2 Cast

  • Ali Banazli is played by Ugur Günes.
  • Nadia Ivanov is played by Gulsim Ali.
  • Aras Güneri is played by Idris Nebi Taskan.
  • Selim Atakan is played by Ridvan Aybars Duzey.
  • Cengiz Uslu is played by Emre Dinler.

Where to Watch Al Sancak Show?

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All the action drama episodes will be shown on TRT 1 at midnight EST. After a short time, the episodes will also be put on Al Sancak's YouTube channel, where anyone in the world can watch them for free.

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