Who is David Stewart From Don’t Pick Up the Phone? Where is He Now?

In the true-crime documentary series Don’t Pick Up the Phone on Netflix, the case of David Richard Stewart is looked into again. He was accused of being the prank caller who got managers at fast-food places all over the United States to strip-search their workers.

On April 9, 2004, Louise Ogborn, who was 18 years old and worked at a McDonald’s in Mount Washington, Kentucky, was working the evening shift when assistant manager Donna Summers called her into her office, saying she was on the phone with a police officer who said someone who looked like she had stolen a purse from a customer.

ABC News says that Ogborn was given a choice: he could either let the police search him or be taken to the police station. Flaherty found out from the Panama City Police Department that this man is wearing a uniform for a prison officer.

The police went on a tour of the Panama City jails and met a warden who told them that this man was David Stewart.

Who is David Stewart From Don’t Pick Up the Phone? Where is He Now?

The police watched Stewart buy the calling cards that were used in the strip search crime. They looked at his work schedule and showed that he wasn’t there when the calls came in. Even so, the evidence was thought to be inconsistent. The police didn’t have any proof that David made those phone calls.

David Stewart From Don’t Pick Up the Phone: Where is He Now?

So, David Stewart was found not guilty by the jury. The police failed, and all they know is that the calls stopped after the trial. David hasn’t talked to the press.

The people who made “Don’t Pick Up the Phone” tried to get in touch with him, so he could tell his side of the story, but he turned them down.

What Information Did Flaherty Find Out About David Stewart?

When Flaherty met Stewart, he knew this was the man they were looking for. Stewart was in a lot of pain. He said he didn’t make these calls and took the fifth, which means he wouldn’t answer any questions. The police looked into him more. David Stewart lives in a trailer in the middle of a forest in Florida.

The Panama City Police Department got a warrant to go to his house and look around. They found a lot of job applications and police magazines. Stewart’s diary showed that he had once worked as a part-time police officer for a local agency. There, the police also found a calling card.

For a while, David Stewart worked as a prison officer. Before that, he drove a propane truck for a company that sold propane. Stewart looks like a regular guy you might run into on the street.

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Aside from that, he has a wife and children. The police weren’t ready for that. At first, they thought he would be living alone in his flat in Florida. David has never been in trouble before. He doesn’t even have a speeding ticket.

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