Why Himeno Wear an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man? Who is Himeno?

Chainsaw Man has a lot of strong characters, from humans with devil powers to devils who look like humans. Chainsaw Man fans loved Himeno’s bubbly personality and willingness to take risks, but many anime fans are curious about why Himeno wears an eye patch in the show.

Himeno wears an eye patch because she made a deal with the Ghost Devil in exchange for her right eye. This contract gives her the ability to summon and control the Ghost Devil’s right arm by moving her own right arm in the same way. This is a simple but very useful skill that has helped her in many Chainsaw Man battles.

Fans may have thought that the reason she wears an eye patch is similar to how Denji was before he merged with Pochita. However, her reason is very different, which is what makes her the brilliant but slightly off-kilter devil hunter that she is.

In Chainsaw Man, if you stick around, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Himeno, like what she can do and why she wears an eye patch.

In Chainsaw Man, Why Does Himeno Wear an Eye Patch?

In Chainsaw Man, the main reason Himeno wears an eye patch has to do with her skills. Her right eye was given to the Ghost Devil as a contract in exchange for her right eye. When Denji faces the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Devil Arc, Himeno shows off her skills by catching a runaway devil in midair with her ghost hand.

She then points to her right eye, which is now covered by a proper eye patch, and says that she gave up her right eye, so she could use the Ghost Devil’s right arm. In the tweet below by Chainsaw Man EN, Himeno says that her ghost arm can do a lot of things because it is invisible and strong.

Himeno can use her right arm to control a summoned version of the Ghost Devil’s arm by making the same movements she wants the arm to make. The flashback is even more interesting because fans know more about her eye patch and the deal she made with the Ghost Devil.

It also shows that she has serious injury to her right eye and right arm.

Who is Eye Patch Women(Himeno) in Chainsaw Men?

Himeno is a member of Makima’s special team of people who hunt demons. She helps Aki Hayakawa a lot in her job. Before she started working with Aki, she had five demon hunters who died while doing their jobs.

Kishibe showed her Aki while she was at the graveyard crying over their deaths. Before going on with the job, she told Aki straight out that all of her partners had died because they weren’t good at anything. So, Himeno asked Aki if he could work as a devil hunter or not.

Is Himeno Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Himeno is dead and will never come back. Himeno won’t be coming back from the dead, which might be a letdown for those who were hoping that the character might still be alive and perv on other people in the manga.

Why Himeno Wear an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man

As a general rule, no one really dies in most shōnen anime, and characters often come back from the dead like it’s no big deal. And in Chainsaw Man, you can never say for sure that a character is dead, even though Himeno is definitely dead. Some people might not find it strange that she died without any of the usual guts and blood, but her death is anything but normal.

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Aki is heartbroken when he sees that his kind boss and friend have died. In the episodes of “Chainsaw Man” that come after her death, Aki will feel a deep impact that will stay with him for a long time.

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