Is the Prodigy On Amazon Prime? Reviews of This Horror Film?

The film we’re about to tell you about is very scary and might give you the creeps. Watch The Prodigy on the big screen. The 2019 horror drama is about a young boy who starts acting strangely, and his mother gets the feeling that something supernatural is trying to take control of him.

We’ll talk about the film and tell you where you can watch The Prodigy online for free. The horror-drama film The Prodigy came out in the United States on February 8, 2019. It came out on digital platforms on May 7, 2019. Jeff Buhler wrote the script, and Nicholas McCarthy is in charge of the film’s direction.

Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, and Colm Feore play the main characters in The Prodigy. Taylor Schilling is a well-known actor who has appeared in movies and on TV. She was also in Orange Is the New Black, a very popular Netflix original show.

She has won a number of awards, and she was even nominated for an Emmy. But if you want to see some more scary dramas, you should check out Knock at the Cabin and The Visit.

Film The Prodigy 
Genre    Horror Film    
Written by          Jeff Buhler
Country of Origin United States, Hong Kong, Canada
OTT Platform Amazon Prime, Apple TV
Directed by Nicholas McCarthy

Is The Prodigy On Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can watch The Prodigy on Amazon Prime Video. The horror drama film from 2019 can be rented or bought. But you can’t stream it for free or as part of your monthly plan for Prime Video. You can either rent or buy the film. Still, you can rent the film for $3.99 or buy it outright for $7.99. Apple TV lets you watch The Prodigy.

Is The Prodigy On Amazon Prime

The Prodigy Cast: Who Appeared in This Horror Film?

  • Sarah Blume is played by Taylor Schilling.
  • Miles is played by David Kohlsmith.
  • Edward Scarka is played by Paul Fauteux.
  • Arthur Jacobson is played by Colm Feore.
  • Margaret St. James is played by Brittany Allen.
  • John Blume is played by Peter Mooney.
  • Rebecca is played by Oluniké Adeliyi.

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Review of The Prodigy Film

The best thing about The Prodigy was the acting, especially by Schilling as Sarah and Scott as Miles. The film focused a lot on their relationship as mother and son, and even though it was a rip-off and had bad dialogue, it mostly worked. Schilling was interesting to watch, but most of the emotional weight was on him.

Most child actors are annoying, but Scott made up for this by giving a performance with a lot of surprising layers. It’s too bad that the film didn’t give him a better chance, but his time will come. Overall, The Prodigy isn’t even close to being one of the best horror movies.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since the plot is ridiculously recycled and the dialogue isn’t very good. Despite this, it was still somewhat entertaining, and it’s over before you know it. Overall, it wasn’t the worst time.

The Prodigy Trailer, Let’s Watch It


Now that you know where to stream The Prodigy, a horror-drama film, we suggest you choose the platform that works best for you and get started. But keep in mind that it’s an R-rated film with explicit s*xuality, strong language, and several violent and bloody scenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Part 2 of the Prodigy Film?

Season 2 of Prodigy has been confirmed and is being made, but there is no word on when it will be available to stream.

What is the Released Date of the Prodigy Film?

The film The Prodigy came out in the US on February 8, 2019, through Orion Pictures.

Can I Watch the Prodigy Film on Disney+?

No, you can’t watch The Prodigy on Disney+.

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