Is Bakugo Dead In My Hero Academia? Will Bakugo Get Alive?

Bakugo’s death is one of the most shocking things to happen in the MHA series, and it has sent shockwaves through the manga world. We’ll talk about the chapter in which Bakugo died and other things that have to do with him. Bakugo is a Pro Hero and one of the best characters in the manga and anime of My Hero Academia.

Since we found out that he was Izuku’s rival, he has been sneaking up on people and fighting in boring ways. Bakugo and Izuku grew up together, and they went to the same academy to see who was the best. He wants to be the best hero all the time, just like Izuku. Bakugo has died, which has given the next chapter of My Hero Academia a beautiful story arc.

But there are a lot of unknowns about how Bakugo died. Bakugo died trying to protect everyone in one of the most important battles. Find out more about Bakugo’s death in the next section.

Is Bakugo Dead In My Hero Academia?

Yes, Bakugo’s death is one of the most shocking things to happen in My Hero Academia. Based on what happens in the manga chapter 362 of My Hero Academia, Bakugo does die and is now dead. Shigaraki, who was controlled by All for One, did this to him. He had been fighting Shigaraki to buy time until Deku arrived and took on the big bad in their final battle.

Even though UA’s Big Three, a lot of Pro Heroes, and some of his classmates were on his side, All for One beat him because they put all of his quirks into Shigaraki’s body, which was younger and hadn’t been through as much.

Is Bakugo Dead In My Hero Academia

Who Killed Bakugo In My Hero Academia?

All For One killed Bakugo while they were waiting for Izuku to show up. He killed him because he knew Bakugo would stop him from getting what he wanted. The goal of All For One is to hurt Izuku and get the One For All Quirk.

But after he showed how powerful he is, he took control of Shigari and had her help him kill Bakugo. All For One is happy about this because he knows he has killed one of his biggest enemies.

Will Bakugo Get Alive in My Hero Academia?

Bakugo can be brought back to life because Eri possesses a reversal Quirk that allows her to remove Bakugo from the dead and restore him before he totally vanishes on the other side.

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Before encountering de a Eri’s unique Quirk may revert any living creature to its previous state. In one of the chapters, Eri utilizes her Quirk to delete her father, and she also undid Izuku before he was injured by All For One.

Is Bakugo Dead In My Hero Academia

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