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The Peripheral recently told us more about Wilf and Aelita’s pasts and gave us a key piece of information about their relationship. The first thing that happens in The Peripheral is that Wilf and Aelita meet in what seems like a dream, with a strange landscape in the background.

Some things were clear right away, and one of them was their strong bond, or at least that they used to have one. Aelita also said that she would save him, but she never said more than that.

More importantly, it was unclear what their relationship was like, which was made worse by the fact that she looked like a teenager and Wilf was an adult.

Wilf and Aelita’s Relationship In the Peripheral

Wilf and Aelita are brother and sister, but they are not related by blood. Instead, they have a strong bond that makes them like siblings. They were both abandoned children who grew up together and went to the same orphanage. The flashback to when they were adopted (in episode 3) shows that Aelita wouldn’t have gone with the foster parents without Wilf.

Wilf and Aelita’s Relationship In the Peripheral

When Aelita and Wilf were adopted by Mr. and Mrs. West from Oxfordshire, Aelita was 9 years and 27 days old and Wilf was 8 years old. Aelita refers to Wilf as “Wolf” because that was his first name, which was a short form of Wolfgang. In any case, Mr. West didn’t like the name, so he quickly changed it to Wilfred, as that was what he wanted.

At first, Wilf doesn’t seem sure about the idea, but in the end, he agrees to the name change. This makes Aelita look worried or upset, which surprises him since she usually looks out for him.

Wilf Search to Find Aelita

Wilf has been trying hard to find Aelita with the help of Flynne, but so far he hasn’t been able to do so. Lev asked him to do the job because they are related, and he has a personal stake in the quest. Wilf keeps getting closer, and his pursuit of Aelita is leading to some dangerous situations.

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Still, he moves forward, and rich and powerful people in the London of the future are working hard to find Aelita while he pursues his own goals.

Wilf and Aelita’s Relationship In the Peripheral

In the Peripheral, Who is Aelita West?

Charlotte Riley plays Aelita West in The Peripheral Series.

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