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The story of “The Peripheral,” which is on Prime Video, is about Flynne Fisher, who finds a way to go to the future without leaving the present. She does this with the help of a machine that sends her mind into the future. This means that Flynne’s body stays in her own time while her mind wanders in the twenty-second century.

Even though this is a unique way to travel through time, it does raise some questions. Over time, Flynne learns what it all means and how to use it to help herself.

But that still doesn’t make things easier for the audience to understand. If you want to know more about what a “stub” is and what it means for Flynne and her ability to travel through time, we can help.

What is a Stub In The Peripheral?

The issue of how the future affects the past is one of the things that makes the time travel genre so perplexing. If you have the ability to modify the past, won’t it inevitably influence the present and affect the future as well? This conundrum would have affected “The Peripheral” as well.

What is a Stub In The Peripheral

Yet it gets past this issue by adding the idea of stubs, which entirely eliminates any contradictions that would raise doubts about the nature of its reality. Let’s think about the primary timeline, the one that hasn’t been affected by time travel, to better grasp stubs. In this place, nothing is interfered with as events proceed from point A to point B to point C.

Let’s assume that in this timeline, at point F, someone discovers a technique to communicate with the past. They have altered the natural sequence of events as soon as they make touch. That doesn’t imply that their own timeline has altered though. In actuality, the moment of touch causes a new chronology, known as a stub, to branch off.

Up until point F, this stub and the main timeline both follow the same sequence of events. From here, both the main timeline and the stub will depict point G in a radically different way. Given this, it is possible to define a stub as a parallel timeline. Each new stub that is formed as a result of the future making contact with the past follows its own unique trajectory from that point on.

Flynne’s chronology in the show can be thought of as a stub, while Wilf and Lev’s timeline is the main one. Later, Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer informs Flynne that the Research Institute constructed the stub at least ten years before Flynne learned of it. Flynne’s origins would indicate that the RI made touch with the past sometime in 2022 assuming he is from that year.

Prior to that, Wilf and Flynne shared the same chronology. Nonetheless, they will live in two separate worlds after 2022. Because it does away with the idea of altering the past and the future in the same timeline, the idea of stubs is more intriguing and rational. It simply means that two timelines cannot be visited at the same moment.

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It can only occur between stubs, or parallel universes. This implies that a better world could be made, however it presumably wouldn’t resemble the one you currently inhabit. For instance, the Jackpot hasn’t yet occurred in Flynne’s universe. She can stop the Jackpot and preserve her world with the aid of people like Wilf and Inspector Lowbeer, but they can never do the same for their own.

This line of inquiry reminds me of a simulation inside a simulation or a dream within of a dream. Although the programme has not yet addressed it, when Flynne opens a stub of her own in the conclusion, it gives a suggestion that it may do so in the future. She branched out shortly before she passed away in her original timeline, therefore even though she is dead in her original timeline, she is still very much alive in the new stub.

What is a Stub In The Peripheral

She keeps all the information from her prior stub because the branching out was fairly recent, therefore she is essentially the same Flynne even though her world will experience a different outcome than the stub she initially originated from.

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