Who is Salazar In National Treasure: Edge of History? Is She Dead or Not?

Throughout National Treasure: Edge of History, Salazar has remained a mysterious and malevolent force, lurking in the shadows as a persistent threat. However, recent episodes have shed some light on this elusive villain, revealing key details about their motivations and actions.

As the hunt for the legendary treasure of Montezuma heats up, there are many who seek to claim the invaluable prize, which even the Spanish conquistadors could not attain.

Amidst this frenzied race for the treasure, there are those who aim to protect it from falling into the wrong hands, including the protagonist Jess Valenzuela. While the ruthless and cunning antiquity’s dealer, Billie Pearce, has served as the primary antagonist in National Treasure: Edge of History, Salazar has remained a menacing presence in the background since the beginning of the story.

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Who is Salazar In National Treasure: Edge of History?

Hendricks is revealed to be Salazar. When Rafael stole the clues to the treasure for himself, Salazar’s men chased him away and tried to take him away. Rafael was probably found out to be a double agent who worked for both the FBI and the Freemasons. Because of this, he had to leave his family and the happy life he had.

Who is Salazar In National Treasure: Edge of History

Peter Sadusky says in the first episode that Salazar is a feared treasure hunter who has been looking for the legendary treasure along with many others. It is also said that Salazar killed a lot of people in the series. At first, it seems like Rafael died while fighting Salazar’s men and giving his family a safe way to escape.

However, it was later found out that this was not the case, and Rafael is still alive and well, though he is doing time in prison. Later in the series, Billie Pearce tells Jess a few things about the legendary hunter. She says that he also killed her brother, Sebastian, and then tries to get Jess on her side by telling her something interesting about herself and the cause she stands for.

Billie would later go up to Rafael and accuse him of killing her brother. Rafael would say that he didn’t do it, but she wouldn’t listen to him.

Is Agent Ross Dead or Not?

In “National Treasure: Edge of History,” Agent Ross is likely dead. When Hendricks/Salazar stabs her from behind, we can see that the light in her eyes is going out. Ross has been a key character on the show, almost in charge of the FBI plot, just like Sadusky is in the movies. Her death at the hands of Hendricks makes it clear that Hendricks is the main bad guy of the season, which might make Billie an “antihero.”

At the end of the episode, there is a flashback in which Rafael remembers that Salazar shot Sebastian, Billie’s brother, after calling him “a liability.” As Ross dies, it’s interesting to see what’s going on over Billie’s shoulder.

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So, we can tell that Billie is thinking because we can see her face. In the season finale, she has a good chance of helping Jess and her friends.

Who is Salazar In National Treasure: Edge of History

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