Does Rosa Find Estrella Killer In Sky High? Why Does Sole Save Fernan?

Netflix’s Spanish series Sky High: The Series, originally titled ‘Hasta el Cielo: La Serie’, follows the story of Sole, a woman who sets out to become the next big thing in the crime scene of Madrid after the death of her husband, Ángel. Along with her partner-in-crime, lawyer Mercedes, Sole plans and executes multiple heists, making her a prime target of police officer Duque.

As if things couldn’t get any more complicated, Sole’s life takes a wild turn when a mole pretending to be her late husband’s friend, Fernan, enters the picture. As a sequel to the 2020 film ‘Sky High’, the show ends with a series of mind-blowing twists and turns.

If you’re looking for a closer look into this gripping crime series, join us as we explore the question: Does Rosa find Estrella’s killer in Sky High?

Does Rosa Find Estrella’s Killer In Sky High?

Rosa runs into Chico, Angel’s pet dog, as she proceeds to tell Sole about Marta. She discovers a photo of Estrella and Chico among Estrella’s possessions and successfully gains access to Estrella’s phone by using the dog’s name as a password.

Does Rosa Find Estrella’s killer In Sky High

The killer’s face is shown on a video of Estrella’s death that she later finds. She tries to get in touch with Sole and mails her the video, but to no effect. She decides to call the police since she can’t wait any longer. She recognizes the person who killed her cousin at the police station—it is none other than the chief of police.

A fearful Rosa exits the station without ever seeing him, but she leaves her identification behind, indicating that she is aware of the crime he has committed and that Ferrán knows who she is. Rosa ignores Marta and Sole’s advice to wait for Sole’s return because her mother’s address is on her ID and instead rushes to her mother’s home.

Rosa’s friend gives her a revolver to protect herself in case something happens even if her mother is fine. On her way back, Rosa is intentionally struck by Ferrán’s automobile as he pursues her, but she is able to flee. Rogelio intervenes in time to save her after he catches up to her and nearly murders her.

Rosa is forced to shoot and kill Ferrán when he is going to murder Rogelio. Rosa is frightened of what she did. The couple quickly leaves the area when Marta arrives looking for Rosa. Rosa killed the police chief, though, so she might not get away with it easily.

The psychological pain of killing someone may be something Rosa has to deal with in the upcoming season.

Why Does Sole Save Fernan? Will They Ever Get Together?

When Sole discovered that Fernan had been deceiving her by pretending to be her husband’s friend, she teamed up with the Colombians to eliminate him. Despite Mercedes being the mother of her sister, Sole forgave her and refrained from building a relationship with Marta after killing her mother.

However, Sole had no such ties with Fernan and did not feel obliged to save him from the Colombians. Nevertheless, she ended up rescuing him from the hands of the Colombians, even though she had to kill two of her own allies in the process. It is possible that Sole had developed a strong emotional attachment to Fernan, which compelled her to save him despite his betrayal.

Fernan had risked his life to complete his undercover operation. A dedicated officer like him would not compromise his cover unless he had strong feelings for Sole. While pretending to be her lover, Fernan may have started to develop feelings for Sole. When he revealed to Sole that she would be arrested the next day, it seemed like an act of love.

Does Rosa Find Estrella’s killer In Sky High

By coming clean and trying to save her, Fernan may have earned a second chance at life from Sole. As they escaped from Duque, they may have decided to hide together until the police stopped pursuing them. During this time, they may have revealed their true feelings for each other.

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However, Sole may still have reservations about starting a relationship with Fernan due to his betrayal. If Fernan truly wants to be with her, he may need to convince Sole that he is on her side rather than the side of law and order.

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