Is Joe Imagining Rhys? Exploring the Connection Between Joe and Rhys In You Season 4 Part 2!

In the second half of season 4 of You, Joe keeps running into Rhys, even though he tortured and killed him. He has to figure out who this other Rhys is. In season 4 of You, Joe has no choice but to do what Rhys says because Rhys can always blame Joe for the deaths of his friends. Even though Joe keeps messing around, he works in the background to bring him down.

Joe finds out where Rhys is hiding by asking Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, for help. He knocks on his door, but Rhys doesn’t know who it is. Joe knocks Rhys out, beats him up, and then kills him because he thinks Rhys is lying. A short time later, another Rhys walks up to Joe and says that the first Rhys wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t know him.

Also, Marienne is being held by Rhys. In this article, we’ll look into whether Rhys is a real person or just a creation of Joe’s mind. We’ll also look at how this character might have come to be in the world of “You.”

Is Joe Imagining Rhys?

After disposing of Rhys’ body, Joe finally confronts the other Rhys that he has been seeing. While Joe agrees that he has been hallucinating about Rhys, he denies that they are the same person, as this alternate version of Rhys claims.

Is Joe Imagining Rhys? Exploring the Connection Between Joe and Rhys In You Season 4 Part 2!

To investigate further, Joe looks back at the footage from the camera he has installed in his flat, which shows him talking to himself and acting out conversations between Rhys and Joe simultaneously. The other Rhys then reveals that Joe and Rhys never actually met until Joe tracked him down and killed him.

As Joe reflects on his interactions with Rhys, he realizes that he never had a conversation with him in public and that when he appeared to be responding to Rhys, others around him saw him talking to no one. The real Rhys was only present at Simon’s funeral, where he gave a speech and nodded at Joe simply because Joe was staring at him.

Furthermore, Joe discovers that he had also imagined the texts he received through Evanesce from Rhys. This alternate version of Rhys is a manifestation of Joe’s dark desires, doing everything Joe wished for, including killing Malcolm for insulting Marienne, Simon for ruining young artists’ lives, and Gemma for being onto Joe.

Despite Joe’s initial quest to change himself and save those around him, he ultimately realizes that the cost of their lives is not worth it. Joe’s denial of his true nature causes him to lock himself in a dungeon, but he knows that admitting who he really is could potentially save Marienne as well.

Exploring the Connection Between Joe and Rhys In You Season 4 Part 2

It was revealed that Joe had never truly let go of Marienne, and his alternate version of Rhys had always existed, becoming more prominent after he kidnapped Marienne. At the station, Joe stole Marienne’s necklace to show Elliot Tannenberg, while his alternate version slipped a potion into Marienne’s drink, causing her to fall asleep.

Marienne later woke up in Joe’s flat, where he attempted to make amends and force her to give their relationship another chance. During her captivity, Joe became increasingly fixated on Rhys and studied his book, as well as his life.

However, Marienne’s attempts to escape only angered Joe, and his darker alternate version, who would later become known as Rhys, took over. Under Rhys’ influence, Joe forgot about Marienne and believed that he had let her go.

Meanwhile, Marienne was left alone in a cage in the basement with limited food. Rhys warned Joe that Marienne could die at any moment, as he had not visited her in a while, leading Joe to track down her whereabouts.

Did Joe Ever Communicate With “Real” Rhys?

No, Joe and Rhys’s first encounter at Sundry House and their subsequent conversation at the bar were both hallucinations. Although Joe and Rhys engaged in numerous public chats, no one else participated in them.

Is Joe Imagining Rhys? Exploring the Connection Between Joe and Rhys In You Season 4 Part 2!

Even their frightening text messages were fictitious. Joe had only two interactions with the real Rhys: a polite bow at Simon’s (Aidan Cheng) burial in Episode 3, and a confrontation in the countryside that resulted in Rhys’ genital mutilation and death. Speleers was able to appropriately represent Rhys since he knew the truth about his character before he was cast.

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