Did Sienna Get the Revenge From Jax In Perfect Addiction?

In “Perfect Addiction,” the main character, Jax, and his trainer, Sienna, have a bad relationship. After Jax sleeps with Sienna’s sister Beth, he and Sienna break up, and Sienna moves out of the flat they shared. Her friend Brent tells her to stay at the flat of his adopted brother Kayden, but Kayden turns her down.

Sienna finds out that Kayden is going to fight Jax soon, so she decides to train him to be stronger than Jax in exchange for letting her stay at his flat. She trains Kayden day and night for the rematch, and even though she was with another fighter before, she finds herself falling for him. In “Perfect Addiction,” Sienna wanted to get revenege from Jax.

This article looks at whether she was able to do so.

Why Did Sienna and Jax Break Up?

The film started with a love story between a trainer and a fighter in the world of Mixed Martial Arts that seemed to be perfect (MMA). This intense sport stirred up a lot of feelings that made it hard to stay away from it. Since she started working with the fighter Jax, Sienna, the trainer, had been on a high.

Did Sienna Get the Revenge From Jax In Perfect Addiction?

She thought their relationship would last forever, but the magic wore off, and Sienna had to face a harsh truth. Sienna and Jax met at the gym that Sienna’s coach and surrogate father, Julian, owned. She trained Jax and helped him get better after he was in a car accident. This made him a strong fighter.

But while they were together, Jax made her less sure of herself as a fighter and became emotionally manipulative and dangerous. Sienna’s rose-colored glasses broke when she found out that Jax had been seeing her sister, Beth. She moved out of the flat they shared, and at the gym, she had to deal with some serious problems.

Sienna realized that Jax had taken control of her life and was using her weaknesses to control her. She also saw that she had changed to meet his needs, just like her sister, who was still dating Jax. Sienna slowly came to realize how bad Jax had been to her, but this didn’t happen until she met Kayden.

Did Sienna Get the Revenge From Jax In Perfect Addiction?

“Perfect Addiction” is not just about Sienna getting her own back, but also about how she changes as a person. Julian was slowly helping her get over her fears about going pro, and Kayden’s support pushed her to focus on her own choices. Sienna changed the direction of the story and put her money into herself.

She made the decision to fight for herself, not for Jax or Kayden. In the end, she wrote her name on the entry card for professional mixed martial arts fighters. She was thinking about making a career out of it before she decided to retire and help Julian with his gym. Sienna had been emotionally manipulated and hurt by Jax, while Kayden had been kind and helpful.

Together with the help of her family and friends, their support gave Sienna the confidence she needed to become a champion herself. Beth also changed, and when she realized what she had done wrong, Sienna let her go. Jax eventually said sorry, and Sienna told him to work on himself instead of trying to fill his own void through other people.

While she was forgiving other people, Sienna also let go of the anger she had been holding onto.

What Happened Between Sienna and Kayden?

Sienna was so angry at Jax that she wanted to get even with him, so she decided to train a better fighter and beat Jax at his own game. Her idea didn’t come together until she met Kayden, who happened to be looking for a roommate for a spare room in his basement flat. Even though Kayden turned her down at first, Sienna found out about his fight with Jax, which had been stopped by a police raid.

Did Sienna Get the Revenge From Jax In Perfect Addiction?

She thought Kayden had potential, so she taught him until she couldn’t teach him any more. They got ready for a rematch with the help of Julian. During this time, Sienna and Kayden fell in love. Even though Sienna beat Athena, a three-time champion, in a practice match, she couldn’t bring herself to fight professionally because of the emotional scars she had.

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When Jax hurt Sienna by accident during his loss to Kayden, Kayden realized that Sienna needed to focus on herself and wrote her a letter before leaving school and retiring from UFG. He helped Sienna get over her fears, and together they started a new part of their lives.

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