Why Did Pat and Jen Break Up? What’s their Relationship Status [2022]

Patrick Brown, a well-known Youtube personality and gamer, is known for his Channel on YouTube PopularMMOs. Let’s Play, his YouTube channel, is entirely dedicated to Minecraft videos. His clever commenting in gaming content has given him a target commercial appeal.

Bellie, Captain Cookie, The Disgusted Man, and Carter are just a handful of his well-known personalities. Vlogs, Hide and Seek challenges, World of Warcraft, and the Crafting Dead are some of the most well-known segments on his stream. He is the owner of two different television stations.

PatVsTheWorld and DungeonNoobAdventure are the names of the games. On his YouTube account, he has a total of over 17.3 million subscribers.

Previously, he earned over 7 billion views on each of his films; nevertheless, in his most recent videos, the photos have severely decreased to a typical notion of (1-2)million.

In his stream, he does numerous creative challenges such as the Best Rank Challenge, Leaderboard Challenge, and so on.

In the year 2012, he launched his YouTube account. It took him two years to get one million users, but in the next two years, his subscriber base grew at an accelerating rate. On his Youtube page, he got hundreds or even thousands of followers within days.

He regularly posted videos alongside his girlfriend, who is also a Youtuber. He is skeptical, adventurous, and hilarious as a YouTuber. He always ends up shooting his pets in his games; nevertheless, in real life, he is indeed an animal lover who once worked in an animal orphanage.

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Kitty, Sparky, Bomby, and a few others are among his gaming pals. He feels himself completely lucky since he gets to do what he wants for a job.

His enthusiasm for his films, as well as his inventiveness, keep the audience interested and delighted. His wife Jen also shares the majority of his films, and their audience adores them as a couple.

Who Is Jen?

Jennifer Flagg is an American vlogger and gamer who is well-known for her Youtube channel Gaming With Jen. Every Wednesday and Saturday, she plays computer games such as Roblox and Minecraft and uploads clips.

For her teens, she wanted to be a social worker, but via her social media network, she was able to inspire tens of thousands of people. Her anticipated broadband rate is $4 million. She also has another channel where she features daily vlogs about her cat. She also had a different channel called fashion with Jen, on which she provided content material linked with style.

Jen and Pat Love Story

When they were both in high school, the pair met for the first time. They did, however, get to understand one other while working on an animal farm.

After a five-year romance, the pair married in May 2015. They both make YouTube vlogs together and have a variety of humorous challenges on their individual channels.

They don’t have any children, but they do have a lot of cats as pets. They were classmates who became admirers and inspired huge numbers of others via their efforts.

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Why Did Pat and Jen Breakup?

In a YouTube video released in 2019, the couple revealed that they were divorcing. The pair stated that they had previously split, but that they were no longer comfortable addressing it on a public forum.

It’s possible that they split up because they wanted to start a family of their own. Pat claimed that they differed in their viewpoints.

Jen wants children, although Pat did not. And every one of them is entitled to happiness in their own unique manner. Jen appeared to be upset in the video, according to fans. But Pat’s main motivation for their separation was that their differences should no longer limit their options and pleasure.

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