Carly Foulkes, From T-mobile, Who Is She? What Happened to Her?

In the early 20 tents, a girl named Carly Foulkes got famous as the” T mobile girl”. She was born in Canada. She also has British roots and currently lives in  California, New York

The Canadian Mannequin got featured in a lot of cellular telephone ads. She used to wear a signature red outfit or wore pink/magenta-and-white summer dresses. in order to fit the brand. She did a variety of ads in cellular telephone companies 4G ads.

She was famous for her really enthusiastic and bubbly persona. T-Mobile also used to send out exclusive behind the scenes clips because of her excellent feedback. It has been several years, And so let us see what is she up to in these times. She got removed from the ad company when they wanted to tie up with Apple “The current campaign will not feature the character of the T-Mobile Girl, however she is still a part of the company’s brand family,” a spokesperson said,

This is usually how brands work. Did it Stair spokesperson without even officially having to say it to them

She Continued Modelling in Different Ads

Carly Foulkes, besides being a really successful model, is also a very good camera person, with excellent photography skills.

  • She also loves to spend her time on Music.
  • She also has an Instagram handle that is dedicated to earlier photography. In which she shares some snapshots taken by her.
  • She keeps posting remarkable mannequin photographs of her o her non-public Instagram.

In 2011 she labelled herself as a photographer and musician and wanted to leave her sex symbol T mobile girl days behind.

But when in 2011 she found that she has been labelled as a sex symbol again, she said “I’m very homey and comfy. When I think of sexy, I definitely don’t put myself in the category. So I’m very flattered, but it’s pretty funny.”

She never left her successful career and has been modelling since. In 2017 she was in an interview with the clothing brand free people. In she described her daily routine By saying “It changes a lot but right now it consists of yoga in the morning, taking my dog for a walk and then heading to my studio to either shoot, collaborate or work on new video projects. I’ve recently started directing and I love it. I’ve also become obsessed with roller skating!”

In 2020 she filmed. In an ad spot for Lee Jeans

As I said earlier she really enjoys her time with the music. She also produced a song About Instagram. This song was released in May 2020 and was named” I’m all talk.”

  1. She wrote on Instagram “This song is about loving someone that isn’t right for you and trying to learn from that heartache.”
  2. She also released an EP in which it was mentioned what all would she be releasing in the coming months.

Nowadays, Carly Foulkes main focuses on music and photography. But she also likes to model side by side. We can see her and there In different ads. She also looks quite a fan of Self-portraits.

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