Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

As you all may be very excited and waiting to receive the recent updates on all the related details and whichever details have been coming regarding season two of the series. Also, you all may be expecting some final update so the following has been provided everything that you desire.

Dragon Ball Super Season About

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese series and it is a Japanese manga series and it has been written by Akira Toriyama. The manga is published in the English language by Viz Media. Genre Of the series has been adventurous and fantasy movies and also martial arts has been into the theme of the series as per the title you all have been making it, kind of a martial arts series.

I am talking about the volumes of the series then there is the list of volumes which are 17 in number and the music has been by Norihito. The original network of the series has been Fuji TV. The original run has been from 5 July 2015 to the 25th of March 2018. There have been in total 131 episodes. And the series is manga and Anime series.

Dragon Ball Super Season Two Expected Release Date

So the recent updates which have been got are that just because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation which has been going in the worst condition, just because of that many manga series and anime shows have been canceled out and a lot of them have been delayed also just because of these problems. And the COVID-19 could be the very important reason highlighted topic behind the Dragon Ball super season two releasing date.

So there has been no such official announcement which has hitten up in regards to the release date of season two of the series and there has been no scheduling of the release date which has been confined and has been updated from the directing and production staff of the series.

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Cast

  • Sonny Strait has been playing the voice cast of Krillin
  • Ian Sinclair has been playing the voice cast of Whis
  • Jason Douglas has been playing the voice cast of Beerus
  • Christopher has been playing the voice cast of Vegeta
  • Sean Schemmel has been playing the voice cast of Goku

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Season Two of Dragon Ball Super?

So eventually all of you should know that the Toei animation is not an entertaining Dragon Ball super season 2 as of now till yet. Moreover, also we can add that after the new Ark was been introduced in front of us in the recent Manga chapters, Fans have been in very strong hopes that the upcoming season will go to be following the manga.

Is Dragon Ball Super Coming Back in 2021?

So now the very important update is that the Dragon Ball franchise is heading towards the movie theatres and also there has been a collection of panelists Who have been working on the movie which has been announced and which is Dragon Ball super: superhero. Now a new feature-length continuation of the series which is Dragon Ball super has been scheduled to come in the year 2022.

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What Is the Age of Goku?

So coming at the beginning time of the series Goku, The age of the Google has been detected to be 49 years old but he was so quick and reverting into his 11-year-old body just because of the shocking accidental use of the Dragon balls.


As you all were very excited to know about the release date of the dragon Ball super season two expected release date.

There have been more recent updates and details which have been provided to you in the article above. there have been a lot of reason updates which have been provided above. The beach regarding season two of the series has also been provided that there has been no such official announcement revealing the release date.

So for more updates, if there would be any update which will be broken out in regards to the trailer of the series and also the release date so you would be updated as soon as possible so stay updated stay tuned.

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