7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date: Leaks on Cancellation and Confirmation!

7 seeds is a Japanese series. This is from manga series. The series was written and illustrated by Vumi tamura. It was one of the best animation films compared to all. The series was first released on June 28th, 2019. This was released by Netflix. Season 2 and the next part of the 7 seeds season were released as follows on March 26th, 2020. This was the last episode as presently. But nowadays many films have many seasons are releasing day by day. So, by the fame and popularity of both seasons, people expect more news and updates for the next season. Still, now a total of 35 volumes were published. Due to the large source material, the creator and the producer get back from this movie creation.

This was Japanese series as published in that language. After some time season 1 and season 2 of “7 seeds” is now dubbed into the English language on Netflix.

In YouTube also the English dubbed was released.

7 Seeds Season 3 Release Date: 

This manga series got more famous by the release date. By this fame, many people liked this, and a new group of fan followers expects the next season for this series. Because season 2 did not end as fulfilled. So people want the next storyline and releasing date for this series. But the bad news is only shared for these huge fan followers. The news was there is no official release date for this series. There is no renewal date announced for this. The film storyline and characters were very good. So only fans need season 3 also. According to liveakhbar , the film will come as soon as possible by people’s wish.

Is There a Trailer for 7 Seeds Season 3?

There is no trailer for 7 seeds season 3. The trailer release was canceled because no one came forward for the production of the series. 

What Is the Cast for the 7 Seeds Season 3?

  • Akira ishida  act as chimaki yamori
  • Jun fukuyama  act as arashi aota’s
  • Katsuyuki konishi act as semimaru asai
  • Kana asumi  act as matsuri tendou
  • Yoko soumi act as botan saotome
  • Kazuhiko inoue act as kaname mozunoto
  • Nao toyama actm as natsu iwashimizu

What Is the Plot for  7 Seeds?

The storyline for the 7 seeds was very interesting and is based on the one meteorite collides only. This stone will come to the surface of the earth. This may kill every living being on earth. This really affects and damages a lot overall the world. So the world leader came in front and decide to prevent the earth. So that they put some powerful project such as ‘7 seeds’. This project was formed by the five individual groups to save our earth. This gives the safety survival for all living organisms. People wake up from their sleep after many years. Then five groups of people realize that the world will not be the same as hereafter. With the moment the death of people who loved one and another incident will happen. So this situation will not happen hereafter. So the group member takes more risks for those people living on the earth.


We have to wait for some time for the new news about season 3 of 7 seeds. The official news was not still released.

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