Nest Users Are Being Asked to Increase the Security of Their Login Credentials by Google.

The number of reports of hacked cameras is increasing. Nest users who have been the victims of data breaches are being urged to verify their security settings and reset their login credentials, according to Google.

Nest is a Google subsidiary that manufactures Internet of Things (IoT) home gadgets such as cameras and thermostats. Hackers have turned their attention to smart appliances and other internet-connected household devices all across the world in recent years.

In light of the increasing number of compromised home gadgets that are capable of spying on you, Google is advising Nest camera customers to protect their login credentials by enabling two-factor authentication. As well as through the use of strong passwords that are difficult to guess by both people and computer programs.

A Google email was sent out today to Nest security camera customers, outlining why they should avoid making common security mistakes. Furthermore, Nest emphasizes in the email that the Nest system itself was not compromised.

The email stated that, despite the fact that “Nest was not compromised,” users may still be susceptible because their email addresses and passwords are publicly available on the internet. Someone could acquire access to user email addresses and passwords if a website’s security is breached, and from there, they could gain access to any other accounts that utilize the same login credentials.”

google nest login

In a nutshell, avoid using the same password for all of your personal online accounts.

“For example, if you use your Nest password to log onto a shopping site account and the site is compromised, your login information may find up in the wrong hands,” Google explained. People who have access to your credentials can then use them to produce the kinds of problems we’ve been seeing lately.”

The Popular Mechanics website reports that other companies, such as Arlo Smart Home, have also requested that consumers use online security tools and strengthen their passwords as a precaution following recent incidences of suspicious activity affecting their user base.

What should I do next?

Nest device owners can begin by creating a secure password, activating two-step authentication on their devices, and being on the lookout for phishing attempts.

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