The Thinning Season 3: Latest Updates And Everything You Need to Know About This Series in 2022!

About the Thinning Film

The thinning film was a thriller. This was released on the internet. In this film, they highlight YouTuber Logan Paul. The film was a very interesting concept-based.

The film was released in America in 2016 as a thriller movie. Michael Gallagher directed this one. In this, he introduces the test as populace management.  The film’s main concept is to control the population of the world and safety precautions for the future. So by this critical situation, Texa’s government decided one plan. So they also execute that plan.  The plan as they decided to conduct one aptitude test. By this, the people were enforce to attend the aptitude test.  All people attend the test without any fail. If they get low or poor performance in the aptitude test. Those people were executed without any chance. The film’s continuation will release soon in this year. Season 1 and season 2 went as well and get more popular. So many ones raising a lot of questions about season 3.

The Thinning Season 3 Release Date

The first season was released at that time, with the success of part 1. People continuously ask about the shooting of the second part. From this as on the other side, Logan Paul and his YouTube debates make him block in this. Many people were watching season 2 but they dislike Logan Paul. We did not get any confirmed news about season 3. We may wait for this 2022 till the end of the year. According to the Scoopbyte , the film will release soon.

The Thinning Season 3 Cast Expected

  • Michael Traynor as Mason King
  • Logan Paul as Blake Redding
  • Matthew Glave will act as Gov. Dean Redding
  • Calum Worthy will be as  Kellan Woods
  • Peyton List will be as Laina Michaels
  • Lia Marie Johnson be as Ellie Harper
  • Aria Lyric Leabu will be as Corrine Michaels.

The Thinning Season 3 Trailer

Still, now there is no trailer released about the thinning season 3. But we get a lot of rumors about the trailer of season 3 on social media. Many fake news and the rumors about the film were spread over the internet. So people won’t trust the fake news. Because the official statement for all the films will announce in particular time.

The Thinning Season 3 Plot

The film story is based on an incident that happens in 2039. The movie consists of a fully twelve-month period. Because in that period our planet got some severe problem. The problem was planet was affected by extreme land scarcity. This is because of overpopulation and global warming.

Due to this problem, the united nation establish one rule to limit our population by 5% every year. Then another problem is the united nation plan to kill off aged people and inform all families to follow a one-child policy. The USA provides  a Program called 10-241 or ‘thinning’. The story is based on Austin, Texas, and Laina. So Laina had one contact lens.  She gave that to Simon. But Simon loses that lens. After Blake, he has a nice job. He had a girlfriend. Her name was Ellie. Then one year after Laina’s mother has died. At the same time, Blake leaves Ellie. At that moment Ellie’s father also died. Beyond this story, people also like the art, video clip, and many other settings in the movie. This movie added some scientific news also. By this people need the third part of the film. Because they want to know the continuation of the second part. Many fan followers were got increased while they saw the second part.  The new season 3 plot was expected with same plot and expect more adventures and interesting  scenes.

Final Words

Finally, we will wait for the positive news for season 3 because there is no official announcement yet. Always social media spread fake news only. Don’t confirm any news.

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