Alita: Battle Angel Release Date: Cast, Plot, Genre, & Spoilers!

Alita: Battle Angel 2

Alita: Battle Angel is a 2019 American cyberpunk action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita manga series from the 1990s and its 1993 original video animation adaptation, Battle Angel. Robert Rodriguez directed the film, which was produced by James Cameron and written by Cameron and Laeta Kalogridis, with a screenplay by Cameron and Kalogridis. Using performance-capture animation, Rosa Salazar plays Alita, a cyborg who awakens in a new body with no recollection of her previous life and sets out to discover her destiny. Rosa Salazar is an actress who works in performance-capture animation. Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, and Kee Johnson are among the supporting actors.

Twitter users have recently used the hashtag #AlitaSequel to ask for a second movie about Alita, which they think should happen. In December, the campaign made the news for the first time. When the movie was shown on HBO again, it started the debate again. However, only time will tell if Disney pays attention.

In light of its huge fan base and the creators’ desire to make more, a sequel is inevitable. Everything we’ve learned so far is in one place. Keep reading.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Now Has A Release Date

We are unable to provide an exact release date for “Alita: Battle Angel 2” because the sequel has not yet been approved. Given how time-consuming projects like “Alita” can be, it’s reasonable to expect a similar amount of effort to complete the sequel. That is, assuming that Disney approves it at this stage. According to the company, no public announcements about the possibility of a sequel have been made, which is a good sign. Alita: Battle Angel 2 could be released in 2024 or later if everything goes as planned.

According to, The Book of Boba Fett will premiere on Disney+ in late December and will conclude in February 2022. With this in mind, we might hear some good news about a possible Alita sequel in March.

More Information On Alita:Battle Angel 2

The film is set in Japan and is based on the first manga series in a trilogy that spans more than two decades of storytelling. The sequels to the original series are ‘Alita: Last Order‘ and ‘Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle,‘ respectively. Obviously, there is a lot of material to draw from for a sequel to ‘Alita: Battle Angel,’ but it isn’t always obvious. There is no way to predict where the story will go from here in the absence of a confirmed sequel.

However, given the ending of ‘Alita’ and the rest of the source material, it’s not difficult to predict what will happen next. Near the end of the film, Alita expresses her determination to avenge Hugo’s death, pointing her finger at Zalem. It is certain that Alita’s journey to Zalem and her confrontation with Nova will be the main focus of the sequel.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 Cast

Rosa Salazar would undoubtedly reprise her role as Alita, not only because she is the star, but also because she enjoys her work. ‘I’d play Alita until the day I died,’ she said. This is possible thanks to the use of performance capture technologies.

“I would, and I believe I am capable of doing so.” Christoph Waltz previously confirmed his return as Dr. Dyson Ido, Alita’s surrogate father. “I haven’t heard anything since then,” he said in April 2020, “which is both disheartening and surprising given that I am aware that it has followers.” As far as I am aware, the general public embraced the project, and I am pleased with the end result.

In addition, Edward Norton, who played the enigmatic Nova, is expected to return after being teased at the end of the film. Rodriguez admits that casting Nova was difficult because the character’s appearance was “primarily for the setting of a sequel.”

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