Menendez Brothers Wives: Who Are Rebecca Sneed And Anna Eriksson

Menendez Brothers Wives: About Them

Joseph Lyle Menendez and Erik Galen Menéndez are from America. They are brothers.  They were doing some crimes in 1996. The main crime was the murder of their own parents José and Mary (“Kitty”) Menéndez. Joseph Lyle Menendez is 54 years old and  Erik Galen Menéndez is 51 years old. 

Joseph Lyle Menendez was frequently called by his middle name as Lyle. Lyle first married the person as her name was Anna Eriksson. Anna Sofia Eriksson is a Finnish artist, filmmaker, composer, and singer. She is 44 years old. She is a former model. They both met together for the first television murder trial in 1993. That time an innocent love creates between them. Then anna visit frequently to the prison within months they decided to marry each other. One day on July 2, 1996, their wedding ceremony was conducted in the jail by a judge and Lyle’s lawyer also participated in that. So that incident was really good and pleasant. 

They happily love and run their life as together. But after four years later in April 2001, Anna applied for a divorce because he was cheating on her to communicate with other women.

Lyle’s New Life:

 Then 2 years later, In November 2003, Lyle started his new life with Rebecca Sneed.  Because he married Rebecca Sneed in the same year. They start their relationship in jail as he used to talk with her through letters. She was working as a magazine editor. Rebecca Sneed is around  50 to 60 years of age. She is from California.

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Erik Menendez New Life:

Same as like Lyle, Erik Menendez also got married in Jail. He married Tammi Ruth Saccoman. This event was held on June 12, 1999. Their marriage was held in the waiting room at Folsom State Prison.

They both lived happily but by the matter of his cheating as he had a relationship with other women. That means he married a women. Her name was Rebecca Sneed, at the Mule State Prison in Ione, Calif., in 2003

Rebecca Sneed is living in one place but people did not know where she is living. She is also not active on social media. So people did not know about her details.

So, we do not even know about her place of residence. She did not share any personal information with the public.

In one interview with Lyle, the media ask about his wife. He replied as his wife Rebecca and he is happily living together. She always visited him in prison. By this speech, she will be in America as anywhere. But we do not know the exact location of her. Some photos of them were shared on the internet. 

In a rare interview with People, Lyle had this to say about his relationship with Sneed: “Our interaction tends to be very free of distractions and we probably have more intimate conversations than most married spouses do, who are distracted by life’s events.” According to Wikipedia there were many news about them. 

Where Are Lyle and Erik Menendez’s Wives Now?

Joseph Lyle Menendez’s wife, Rebecca Sneed has not been active on all platforms of social media. She also avoids all media questions about her and Lyle’s relationship in her life. Due to the pandemic issue this year, there is no visit to the prison. Beyond all, they continue their life along 16 years as happily. These are all news about the American crime brothers.


Both of them living and having conversation with their family happily. Still now they are in jail.


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