The Challenge Season 38 CANCELLED! Here’s Why It Is Not Coming?

About The Challenge 38

The Challenge is a reality show that was already conducted in America. This show was published on MTV. Initially, the channel’s reality show was released as “The Real World” and “Road Rules.” The contestants in past reality shows will be planned and will take place for another new show also. Past contestants in that two reality shows will appear in the “The Challenge” reality show. 

In this show, the contestants need to show their talent and their strength against other participants. They have to handle the risk challenges between each other for the process of elimination. When they show their poor performance, they will automatically get eliminated. The last challenge was won with a very huge amount in that competition they show their very vast talent and their strength. The challenge was held by T.J. Lavin.

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Everything We Know So Far

The show was really interesting and that reality show was initially released on June 1, 1998. First, the show’s title was “Road Rules: All-Stars”. After some time season, 2 was released with the title Real World or Road Rules Challenge”. After that many seasons were released. Finally season 9 was released with the title  “The Challenge”. From season 1 to season 4, the title of the film was released with a different title and subtitle. That means subtitles released with Rivas.

Recently the film was produced with thirty-seven seasons. That means the season was totally released with an overall 505 lists of episodes. The last season the thirty-seventh season released on August 11, 2021. The title for this last season is “Spies, Lies & Allies,”  This season was considered the final season by many people. So many ones have doubt as this season will be the last season or hereafter any new season will be released or not? So the next season will be decided with the title “The Challenge” will come soon. This is people’s assumption only. We have to wait for the official announcement.

The Cast of “The Challenge” Season 38: Who’s in it?

The next season expected new cast members are as follows:

  • BIG T. 

People expect the previous cast members will appear for the next season also. So we have to wait for the release of the film as part 38.

“The Challenge” Season 38 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

“The Challenge”  is a recent lengthy show. The show will be run by MTV and its popularity remains. People expect this season’s continuation only. That means part 38 will be its new season. Many expectations will be there for this film, the expectation will be its release date, renewal information. They are still waiting for the trailer of the film. 

The previous season was the thirty-sixth season of “The Challenge” which was released on December 9, 2020, and the last episode was released on April 21, 2021. Then the recent season thirty-seventh was released by EW, MTV  on  July 2021.

People expect the next new season thirty-eight season of “The Challenge” will release soon. So people have to wait for the conform news about the film. But the film will reach soon in the early or mid of the 2022 year. The production of the film was already confirmed. According to Looper website the film will come soon

Many rumors about the next season of the film were spread over the world. So we have to wait for some time. Don’t trust the rumors about the film. Wait for the official release date. 


So season 38th of the film “The Challenge” will come soon by people’s wish. So we have to trust only the official news. 


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