Warzone Pacific Season 2:Latest Updates And Everything You Need To Know About This Series in 2022!

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2

From all the confusion about the film’s release date, Call of Duty Warzone Pacific season 2’s release date will be finally confirmed and shared here. By the famous of season 1, people liked it very much season 1. So they expecting season 2 also. In the next new season, the concept will be based on battle royale and its importance. The story begins in Vanguard. Before many of them share their publish date as earlier. But finally, the release date will be confirmed on February 14th. Season 1 was already released 2 years before in March 2020. So this gap duration was not liked by the fan follower of the people. So the film with some changes in the script and has some modifications in the next season. Some changes in the battle royale also. According to Screenrant, many updates about the season 2 was released.

As same as the previous season of Warzone Pacific season 1, season 2 also will have new vehicles, weapons, and map changes in its script. Additionally, many new features were also added as tied to the deadly Nebula V gas that encircles players as the battle royale counts down, forcing players closer together. Beyond these all changes, the new modes were also added in the season 2 of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. Some addition in the series as the newest map. Brawlhalla  Season 5: Possible Release Date Predictions With Indepth Analysis!.

Warzone Pacific season 2: Cut to The Chase

  • Update: A major update to Call of Duty’s battle royale
  • Release date: February 14, 2022
  •  Play with: PS4, PS5

The developers of the film already announced its delay in January 2022. So the players and the fan followers of the film will enjoy it by downloading this play by  PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and on PC. Then the developer also announced the release date will be not a piece of confirmed news. The update will be available within the February 14 

Season 2 Cinematic Trailer

Season 2 of Warzone will get interesting play for the players because of adding centers on Task Force Yeti trying to locate and defuse the threat of the Nebula V Bomb. The scene of action will be included in the Call of Duty Warzone Pacific season 2 cinematic trailer.

Season 2 Gameplay Trailer

In this trailer, the developer adds some additional things such as the new weapons and new updated vehicles also. These all are the updates for the upcoming season. In the below link, we will check the  Season 2 gameplay trailer.

Chemical Factory

In season 2 the Verdask was added in the Caldera. This will be converted into a chemical factory with deadly Nebula V gas. This is known as  So season 2 will have some good changes. The area’s layout will be the same as season 1. And Ai soldiers also patrolling in that area.

Chemical Weapon Research Labs

In season 2 there will be many new Chemical Weapon Research Labs available. But these are available but it’s applicable in a hidden manner to the map. That was surrounded by small groups of soldiers. So people have to find the as masks and even the new Nebula V ammo inside of these locations.

Armored Transport Trucks

Season 2 will have new roaming armored transport trucks. When we track the items as below we can destroy the cargo trucks. The vehicles placed in the are two heavy machine gun turrets.

Rebirth Island Map Changes

Developer Treyarch has also teased substantial changes to Rebirth Island but it’s not yet detailed exactly what will be updated.

Bomber Planes

Season 2 will have a new vehicle to Caldera and the second aerial vehicle will be the bomber plane. Warzone’s fighter plane will be importantly needed. Its reduced health will make it easier to shoot out of the sky.

Redeploy Balloon

Another new vehicle in season 2, will float in the sky at a high level. When we will zipline the top of the ballon, the ballon will leap off. After this we can use our parachute from the higher distance across the map. When we destroyed the ballon, we will left from the squad. However, the balloons can be destroyed, so you can be left isolated from your


So the season 2 will get major changes compare to the season 1. So this season 2 will be feel different for the game players.

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