American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date: Latest Leaks And; Spoilers on This Series!

All About American Horror Story Season 11

The series American Horror Story is one of the best horror stories that had been published in America. This was considered an anthology series. Still, now a total of ten seasons released. All seasons consist of more than one story. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the cable network FX created this film. 

All the season of this series was created with a different plot. Moreover, the settings of the series also get differ from one another. The different characters in all seasons was really make people interesting. Every part of the series like the starting scenes, middle scenes, and ending also had a good storyline. The first time the film was released on a  cable network, FX year in 2011. This series was liked by a huge number of people since its release. The film got more popular and famous around the environment. This new cable series was mostly viewed by the viewers in 2011.

By the continuous success from season 1 to season 9, The tenth season of American Horror Story came to the screen with a double feature. That means season ten have two parts. Those two parts are as follows:


This double featured season was released in  August 2021 with the help of FX. People and the big fan follower of the film really enjoyed the film very much. With this big fame and success, people are expecting the next season also. That means, they waiting for the next season 11. The FX renewed the series on 9 January 2020 for season 11. So in this article, we will see some updates about Season 11 of  AMERICAN HORROR STORY 

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American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date

Recently we have watched and liked the 10th season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, which that released in August 2021. So people expecting now the next new part, which means season 11 and its release date. By this, the renewal for the next part was already announced in January 2020. By the delay of its release people asking for an accurate date. We had already seen that all the seasons of American Horror Story were released in the middle of October or November only. Trailer also released for this film.

But due to the pandemic issue in the world at 2019 end, the tenth season with double part release in August. So the next season was also delayed due to the Covid-19 problem. But we may guess as the fill will come soon in the year 2022. People are really getting trust for the next reason release. Because the next season was already announced with its renewal date. So we have to be calm and wait for season 11. Finally, the interesting horror movie will come soon on all the screens. But we have to wait for its release date of the film on FX screens. according to Screen rant the film will come soon.

Who Is Going To Appear In The Cast Of Season 11 of AHS

The film creator didn’t open their mouth about the film’s cast. That means FX didn’t release the official cast members of the film. But we have lightly gathered some cast members’ details. Those one are given below :

From the captured news the cast member SARAH PAULSON will not participate in the next new season. But still, there is having some chance for her to participate while Murphy calls her.

Other cast members who are expected to come in season 11 are:

  • Leslie Grosman
  • Lily Rabe
  • Cody Ferd
  • BillMurphy

Those lists were not a piece of official news, these are all our assumptions only.

How Many Episodes Are Expected In AHS Season 11

Still now, there was a total of 10 seasons released by the film American Horror Story’s producers. Then another confirmation news about the film as the next season as the new upcoming season will available in the total season’s list. Already some renewal news about the next 3 seasons has also been announced. So still now 10 seasons released. So finally by its renewal news, totally there are 13 seasons for this film. Then in season 10, there were only 8 episodes. Compared to all seasons, the 10th season only consumes low episodes. These low digit episodes were due to the pandemic issues in the year 2019.

What to Expect from The American Horror Story Season 11

The director of the film Murphy has not yet announced any clue about the next part‘s story. But people guess and assume some storyline like there will be some more bloodshed in season 11. Murphy, after sometime later twitted for the fans and he ask about the themes for season 11. He also gave some options to the fans, including Aliens, Sirens, Plague, Christmas Horror, and much more. He gave some clue as with his followers as to choose the cast from Bloody Mary and Sirens. 


The season 11 will come soon as per the official announcement. So we have to wait for its release. Don’t trust the fake and rumor news about its release.

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