The Promised Neverland Season 3 Release Date: Leaks on Cancellation & Confirmation!

Is The Release Date For Neverland Season 3 Confirmed Or Canceled?

The anime is based on a manga collection written and illustrated by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, which serves as the primary inspiration for the show. It tells the story of orphan children who attempt to flee the orphanage after learning that they have been raised to be demon food. The first season of The Promised Neverland aired on Disney Channel from January 10th, 2019 to March 29th, 2019, and was directed by David Lowery. It was well-received by critics and has since become one of the best anime collections of the decade. The perfect depiction of mental horror, combined with a few emotional moments, is what gives the exhibition a favorable reputation among visitors.

Because of the success of the first season, the creators have returned with a second season. Season three has a low chance of returning because the show has protected all of the chapters of the original cloth. And the anime’s final episode contains scenes from the manga’s ultimate failure. Continue reading for more information.

Season 3 Premiere Date For The Promised Neverland

Season 2 premiered on January 8, 2021, eleven episodes earlier than planned, and concluded in March 2021. The collection was produced by Clover Works Studios, with Mamoru Kanbe as director and Kaiu Shirai as lead writer.

According to Wikipedia, Season three is unlikely to happen because the show has protected all of the chapters of the manga collection, with the very last moments of the season 2 finale displaying the cloth from the manga’s final bankruptcy. The producers condensed a total of 144 chapters (15 volumes) into the eleven seasons 2 episodes listed on Wikipedia, frequently skipping important arcs such as the Goldy Pond Battle.

Season Three Could Be Released

To be honest, it appears that the options are quite limited right now. Aside from the negative feedback, the studio is most likely preoccupied with a new project. It’s also worth noting that the second season has already wrapped up the plot of the entire manga, albeit rather hastily.

There could have been enough fabric to last at least another season. However, the plot was rushed in Season 2. However, it appears that there will be no further seasons of this series.

The Second Season

The second season of The Promised Neverland premiered on January 8, 2021.

We’ve been in the back of the partitions since the second season of the anime. Because the mysterious outside world isn’t always as magical as it used to be, the anime’s second season has also received harsh criticism. Emma and her friends are trying to survive, walking away from the demons chasing her and planning to store the friends and all of the other farm kids they left in the back of their car while looking for a place to live. So things have been difficult.

The anime needed to lose the thriller details in comparison to the first season, but it isn’t much it can do. Season two raised a number of intriguing questions, including what happened to humans and why demons ate humans. We were confronted with a happy ending at the end of the second season, and the door is now sort of left open for a third season. The second season of the anime rushed through many popular chapters from the manga, so we strongly advise you to read it.

The second season is predictably clunky and incoherent, especially for viewers who haven’t read the manga collection. Even manga readers, according to reports, have not fared much better with the introduction of certain new factors to fill in the obvious plot holes created by the omissions. When one considers Shirai’s involvement in the production, the disastrous innovative choices made in season 2 make for even less of an experience.

Several story arcs are covered in a slideshow in the season 2 finale. The enthusiasts, understandably, were dissatisfied and took to social media to vent their justifiable rage. Season 1 of “The Promised Neverland” is one of the most remarkable anime in recent years. The sharp drop in fines between the two seasons is almost unprecedented in anime history.


As a result of this article, the likelihood of a third season of “The Promised Neverland” is bleak. Let us simply hope that Clover Works will pay attention to fans who still want to see the anime’s third season. When that happens, we’ll be able to replace this article right away.

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