Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date: Is This Going To Renew This Year?

The Dark Desire series has come from Mexico. This is considered one of the best thriller series. And also the series is one of the best dramas and sensual ones. Already Netflix released the series Dark Desire season 2 on 19 August 2020.

About Dark Desire Season 3

The film was released through  Netflix’s Argos Communicatión Mexican Web TV thriller. The main cast members are Maite Perroni, Poza, Pavon, Spitzer, and Hauser acted in this and showed the best by their acting. The series’s production team planned season 2’s production on 6 May 2019. Finally completed and planned for its release on 15 July 2020.

Officially the series was released and came out to the screenplay on 19 August 2020, this series was its second season. With the success of both seasons in this series, the people demand its next season. The production team also planned for the next season. The next season will release soon. Season one of this series got more remarkable fame as it has the most-watched, non-English title with an audience of 35 million. The Dark Desire Series Season 2 came out on the OTT platform. Then the film was filled with more excellent cast members. This season was really made comfortable for the audience. Then the new season will release with the same theme as the previous one.

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Dark Desire Season 1 Recap

Season 1 was released as previously in the year 2020 on  July 15th. The series Dark Desire season 1 was released with the total episodes as contained 18 episodes. These all episodes have the concept based on depicting erotic fiction, intimacy, thriller, love, and a variety of storylines had in it. The story was based on between romantic partners in various ways. The storyline is covered with Alma, a law professor. The law professor then married a judge. 

Dark Desire Season 2 Recap: What happened in second instalment?

Finally, at the end of the first installed season 1 as people understand the person named with  Brenda. She lost her life. This happens because her lover didn’t have an interest in her. But have some love interest with her’s sister. So finally she did not have a long relationship with his best friend’s spouse (Alma). Then one more thing as the series was based on the investigation of the impact of Brenda’s suicide, particularly because Alma will severely feel its loss. The last episode was based on Alma and the season’s conclusion from her husband, Leonardo. But we don’t know about Dario. 

The concept with Dario as the series at the end people saw him and some criminal of him as liked with Esteban. Esteban ran with the assassination of Jose Luis Valdez. 

Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date: When will it appear?

The series Dark Desire Season 2 was released and came out on 19 August 2020 on Netflix. Season 2 was released with a total of 18 episodes. Season 2 also will release on the Netflix OTT Platform as soon as possible. After season 2, the prediction team plans for the next new season. In the initial process and the shooting steps up from January to March 2021. The last news that came out for the delivery date is February 2, 2022. From these, all things, one more interesting news about the film as The Dark Desire series got numerous honors, including the GQ Men of the Year Awards and the BreakTudo Award in 2020.

Dark Desire Season 3 is unlikely to happen. Season 2 has already been announced as the series’ final instalment. However, even the most reliable streaming services occasionally break their renewal promises, specifically when it relates to blockbuster series. According to Wikipedia shared many thing about the season 3 of Dark Desire.

Dark Desire Season 3 Cast: Who will appear?

Let’s see the expected cast of the third season of the series Dark Desire.

  • Maite Perroni in the role of Alma Solares
  • Jorde Poza in the role of Leonardo Solares
  • Paulina Matos in the role of Edith Ballesteros
  • Erik Hayser in the role of Esteban Solares
  • Alejandro Speitzer in the role of Dario Guerra
  • Maria Fernanda Yepes in the role of Brenda Castillo
  • Regina Pavon in the role of Zoe Solares
  • Claudia Pineda in the role of Garcia
  • Samantha Orozco in the role of Rosalba
  • Magali Boysselle in the role of Therapist

Dark Desire Season 3 Trailer: When can we watch?

Dark Desire Season 3 trailer will not be out yet. But previously the series canceled the production after the release of season 2. The series’s promo for season 2 of Dark Desire is already shared as just before the release date of the film, Here is the trailer for season 2 of the trailer only. But much fake news and fake trailer are shared over all the websites. So we have to trust only the real news of the film as shared officially. The production team told and shared the season 2 release date on February 2, 2022.


The film will release soon as possible in the early 2022 or at the end of 2022. People have to wait for its release on the screenplay.



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