Season 2 of Archive 81 Release Date: Latest Leaks, Spoilers on This Series!

Archive 81 on Netflix concludes on a startling cliffhanger, leading to various huge season 2 possibilities. James Wan’s podcast adaption Archive 81, which debuted on Netflix on January 14th, 2022, was a smash hit in its first month of streaming, with the series being seen for 128.47 million hours globally, according to Netflix’s own Top 10 site. The continuation of Archive 81’s story has also sparked a heated debate on social media, with the Netflix series’ season 1 finale raising many more questions than answers.

Dan Turner (Mamadou Athie) enters Kaelego’s realm, the Otherworld, in an attempt to save Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) after being aided by her long-lost Baldung mother Bobbi in Archive 81 episode 8, “What Lies Beneath” (Jacqueline Antaramian).

Dan breaks Kaelego’s deceptions and locates Melody inside the Otherworld, but before he can return her through the portal, Samuel Spare (Evan Jonigkeit) ambushes the duo and pulls Melody back into the present day. Dan awakens in 1994, a month after the Visser fire, with the conservator appearing to have traveled across time by mysterious means.

As a result, the climactic season 1 finale of Archive 81 has sparked a slew of online predictions about what will happen next. Many fans have been convinced that time travel is now canon in Archive 81 as a result of Dan being taken to 1994, while the motives of mystery individuals like Virgil Davenport (Martin Donovan) have also been put into doubt. Every significant speculation regarding what occurs next in Archive 81 season 2 is described here.

Virgil Davenport is played by Samuel Spare.

One of the most popular Archive 81 hypotheses is that Samuel Spare (later proven to be Alexander Davenport) would have another identity surprise in season 2, according to Reddit member doctor sold. According to this hypothesis, Samuel Davenport is not Virgil’s brother, but rather a younger version of himself who was brought back through the Otherworld at some point.

There are various bits of evidence strewn across James Wan’s Archive 81 to support this theory, the first of which is Samuel’s mugshot, which Melody finds in Father Russo’s (Martin Sola) Alexander and Virgil dossiers. In the context of Archive 81’s larger story, Samuel’s mugshot in Dade County displays his name as Virgil Samuelson, which is an alias that must go beyond pure coincidence.

In addition, in 1994, after Chris (Zach Villa) jumps off the roof, a sequence in which Alexander/Samuel and Virgil appear on camera together further solidifies this notion. From the clothes they’re wearing to their stance and the way they both cock their heads to one side to gaze at the camera, the Davenport brothers (as they were described at the time) appear almost identical in this shot. According to the thesis, this symmetry serves as further proof that the two are the same person.

There’s also no reason for Virgil to appear in this scenario at random unless his character knows exactly what’s going to happen at this very moment, pointing to the fact that Samuel/memories Alexander’s are identical to Virgil’s from 1994.

Melody Is Currently Kaelego’s Vessel

Melody seeing Kaelego in the Otherworld mirror, according to Redditor Uhlohaoi, demonstrates that she is a reflection of the dimensional monster, and she has now become his vessel. Samuel’s actions towards Melody in the Otherworld at the end of Archive 81, with the Spirit Recievers’ leader taking her back to the actual world since he knows she is possessed by Kaelego, fit this hypothesis perfectly.

Because Dan does not see Kaelego in this similar mirror scenario, Melody’s function as Kaelego’s portal to the mortal realm is highlighted even more. Melody seeing Kaelego in the mirror also implies that the demon is still imprisoned in some shape or form rather than roaming freely in his own Otherworld dominion, lending credence to the hypothesis that his essence has been transferred from his realm to Melody’s.

The fact that the Spirit Recievers’ ceremony in 1994 appears to have unwittingly worked due to Melody’s presence, with the cult stumbling across the key to unlocking Kaelego’s transference into a host, supports Uhlohaoi’s theory.

Melody unwittingly offers the Spirit Receivers the one thing the Crest Circle snuff video and ritual lacked, allowing Kaelego to ingest Melody and “hold the new world” inside her as a Baldung bloodline witch. This explains why the Vos cult ritual of 1920 failed, forcing Iris Vos (Georgina Haig) and her companions to improvise with Baldung blood and an incorrect stand-in sacrifice after her brother killed their Baldung earlier in Archive 81 episode 7, “The Ferryman.” science has been transferred from his realm Melody.

As a Seer, Dan Possesses Undiscovered Abilities.

Another u/monolizer Reddit theory 7 draws on the original backstory from the Archive 81 podcast to hint that Dan may have more abilities than he was given credit for in season one. Because of his father’s connection to the building, L.M.G. chooses Dan to restore the preserved Visser cult tapes, according to Netflix’s Archive 81, but there may be a deeper depth to Dan’s selection as a conservator. Dan has a spiritual link to the events of the recordings, both through his father and Melody, according to this idea, which allows him to see Kaelego’s face trapped within the film.

This theory is consistent with Archive 81’s current messages, with Dan ritualizing the Visser events every time he sees and restores Melody’s tapes, hinting that the video medium captures the malicious essence behind its recorded content.

The Loop of Salvation and Time Travel

The Archive 81-time travel theory, first proposed by Twitter user DeLeonMarian, is one of the most probable proposals for Season 2 to implement and has been widely discussed on social media. According to the “Loop of Salvation” idea, Dan had to prepare the cassettes and re-trigger a chain of events to be sent back in time.

Dan himself, according to this scenario, reports his father to the NYU standards board in 1994 in an attempt to save his father, which unwittingly feeds back into the loop of events depicted in Archive 81 season 1. Rebecca Sonnenshine, the showrunner of Archive 81, has hinted as much, saying in a Variety interview that Dan is now “It looks like it’s from the 1990s, and the lack of particles is a signal.

He was born in the year 1994. And the question we’re posing is this: we’ve all seen folks vanish into The Otherworld at different times, right? So, what exactly does that imply?” As a result, expect this Archive 81-time travel idea to be confirmed, with the season 1 finale laying the groundwork for a mind-boggling series of events in new timelines in season 2.

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