Ninth episode of All American Season 3 Reviews,

It’s a good thing Olivia realized how many bridges she had burned while attempting to conceal her relapse.

It was ultimately revealed what happened after Olivia’s automobile accident on All American Season 3 Episode 9.

The trouble was that Olivia hadn’t quite reached rock bottom yet, despite her best efforts to do so.

To be honest, rummaging through the trash can at school to collect her water bottle with liquor in it comes dangerously near to hitting rock bottom.

Most importantly, she spent a significant portion of the episode lying to everyone she cared about, beginning with herself.

Somehow, what she’d taken away from rehab was that she could remain in recovery as long as she avoided drugs, which had been her drug of choice at the time.

Consequently, it was totally fine for her to indulge in alcoholic beverages to help her cope with the reality that she was over heels in love with Spencer, the partner of her closest friend and her temporary “brother.”

Spending the entire summer hanging out with Spencer couldn’t have helped matters in that regard. Possibly she got the impression from him that he was experiencing similar feelings.

That night in Vegas, on the other hand, was a night that did not remain in Vegas.

 American Season 3 scene

She continued to sneak drinks throughout the process of ending her relationship with Asher and then confessing her thoughts to Spencer. She, on the other hand, believed she had the right to stop whenever she wished. Isn’t this how all addicts excuse their actions?

All of a sudden, everything came crashing down with the accident on All American Season 3 Episode 8, which now looks like it was the last episode of the season.

Laura’s name alone earned them a pass this time, so the couple took advantage of the situation by having Spencer claim to be driving.

When they returned to the Bakers’ home, they had two options: the correct one and the one they had chosen for themselves.

As if Spencer didn’t have enough on his plate already, between being the hero of South Crenshaw and coping with his phantom injury and fading collegiate football career, Olivia now expects him to preserve her secret shame, when what she needs is for her relapse to be brought to light.

At least for a brief period, he accepted her explanation of “You don’t know what I’ve been through.” That lasted until he reflected on her story and realized that she had been deceiving everyone for some months at this point.

The fact that Olivia had ended her relationship with her boyfriend Asher as well as her best friend Layla should have served as a red flag that something was seriously wrong.

The usual Spencer did the right thing in the end and forced the young woman to confess her drinking problem to her family at dinner. When she attempted to soft-pedal her relapse, Spencer slammed the door in her face and told her the whole truth.

The flipside of all the drama surrounding Olivia was that Jordan and Simone were able to put his ill-fated disclosure of their marriage to the back of their minds.

Jordan wanted to scream it from the rooftops, and he couldn’t. Two students getting married before their senior year, on the other hand, was a completely horrible choice.

It’s going to be a sloppy situation when the news finally does leak out. Since Simone is heading towards a spinoff without Jordan, it’s safe to assume that a breakup is in the works.

While Jordan tried to comfort his sister, promising her that everything will be fine, his sister became upset. There was little chance of that happening in her psychotic, detoxing state, though.

Because lying had been working so well for Olivia since the accident, she determined that the best approach was to keep invoking the name of her absentee sponsor, even though Leslie was no longer there to help her out of her predicament.

merican Season 3 scene

Since she attempted to make apologies with Asher and Layla, Olivia must have sensed that rehab was on the horizon.

Then came the brilliant notion of skipping school, borrowing Jordan’s car, and heading out into the wilderness in search of Leslie.

The obvious choice was to have Leslie dead from an overdose. But her dispensing wisdom to Olivia from jail served better as a cautionary tale.

While Olivia was on a walkabout, Spencer, smarting from a tongue-lashing from Grace, did the wise thing and went back to Dr. Spears one more time. The man who bends over backward for everyone else finally heard the doctor’s prescription for a little self-care.

As much as it hurt, he stood firm against Olivia and sent her home alone to face the music.

Thankfully, the Bakers came up with a solution that gets help for Olivia without sending away the series’ most interesting character for several episodes.

Because this is a sports drama, let’s speak about football for a minute, because there is little possibility that Spencer, Jordan, and especially Asher will have a successful NCAA football career in the first place.

Spencer was promised a full ride by a UCLA coach who later left the school. The entire season, Jordan has been mum on his college plans. Asher would have a better chance of continuing football if the team were to be protected.

In addition, the new kicker for Billy turned out to be the daughter of a woman who has been pursuing him for a very long time. There will almost certainly be hilarity.

With the help of Grace, Coop has finally come up with the ideal strategy for easing herself into her music career.

Despite Coop’s best efforts, her gospel-loving mother will not be persuaded that she is ready to abandon school to pursue her musical dreams. Coop, on the other hand, may obtain the bare minimum of a high-school diploma by taking the GED exam. No one has ever claimed that Coop wasn’t a bright student, only that he was a mediocre one.

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