Scissor Seven Season 3: Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates For 2022!

International recognition for animation that originates outside of Japan is extremely unusual. Thankfully, the Chinese anime Scissor Seven has shattered this preconception once and for all. Despite the show’s slapstick nature, the plot is well-structured and twisted at the same time. One of China’s region-locked networks released the animation. Netflix later purchased the rights to air the film. ‘Killer Seven’ is another moniker for it. It’s a simple anime to binge because each episode clocks in at around 15 minutes. Both the animation and the design of the characters are stunning in their own right. Anime’s fight sequences are a clear indication of the amount of time and work that went into making this show.

He Xiaofen was the anime’s creator and director. After the first season was launched in 2018, a second one was published in 2020. In 2018, this was the first time a Chinese anime had been nominated for an Annecy International Animated Film Festival award. Furthermore, the anime has a worldwide following, which is unusual for a Japanese-made show. Scissor Seven’s stunning visuals and animation may be seen here. Fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 3 after the series’ global triumph in Season 2.

Overview of Scissor Seven

Comical action and otherworldly powers combine in Scissor Seven, which is a joy to see. A barber by day and an assassin by night, Seven is the narrator of this tale. He’s now 21, but he went blind at 19 and has no recollection of his past life. Seven was a vicious assassin and a formidable fighter before he lost his memory. The thousand demon daggers, a powerful blade, was also under his command.

Seven’s memory loss has transformed him into a comical bakadere figure who fails miserably to complete even the simplest of chores. seven. The plot revolves around Seven’s attempts to retrain as an assassin, which results in a series of amusing encounters. The gags in Scissor Seven are all around Seven’s inability to do his job well. This is particularly ironic, given his prior career as a professional assassin. When Seven encounters Thirteen, a fellow assassin who rejects and despises him, he flirts with her.

The show’s characters are developed through the use of hilarity that will make you laugh out loud. As the plot develops, the show gradually moves into the realm of law and secrecy. In the wake of realising that he does not enjoy murdering, Seven exhibits a sense of justice. Because of this, he has to work harder to join the Killer League in order to find out more about his own background.

Seven has regained some of his memories at the end of season 2. There is still a great deal of mystery to be unearthed, allowing for an intriguing storyline in season 3.

Release Date: Season 3 of Scissor Seven

On January 21, 2021, Tencent Video in China published the third season of Scissor. It takes a few months for Netflix to distribute the English-language version of Scissor Seven Season 3 in the West, which is why we expect it to arrive on Netflix by the middle of 2021. Keep an eye out for updates here.

Shortly after the conclusion of Season 2, the series made an announcement about the upcoming third season. The Chinese dub was released on Bilibili on January 21st, 2021. After that, there were five more episodes of the anime. The English-subtitled episodes are only accessible in China.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about whether or not they plan to release the third season of this anime, which is a record-breaker. In any case, Netflix is almost certainly going to update it shortly due to the enormous demand from fans.

The episodes sans subtitles have appeared on a number of unauthorised websites. To show our appreciation for the creators’ hard work and dedication, we strongly advise watching anime only on legitimate sites and networks.

What can we expect from Season 3 of Scissor Seven?

Scissor Seven goes beyond simple comedic farce. Between the ages of 7 and 13, the show alternates between action sequences and sweet romance. In addition to the excellent character development, the anime manages to keep the mystery and suspense intact. We could keep going on and on with this list of subgenres.

The characters in Scissor Seven also have a significant amount of a supernatural quality about them. A good example of this is 7’s mental control of scissors. Not to be overlooked are the classic elements on Scissor Seven. 7’s eyes becoming crimson when he’s in a severe mood is a favourite element for many fans.

While on his path to join the Killer League, 7 is going to learn more about his background. The show will soon feature a slew of new jokes that will keep fans on their toes. Also, the teaser video seems good. Quite a few notable characters are expected to make appearances this season.

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