‘The Witcher’ Season 3: Release Date, Story Netflix Renewal Status

Iranian Intelligence is here to delve into the upcoming third season of The Witcher, which will be available on Netflix soon. They’ll go through everything you need to know about season 3 of The Witcher, including production updates, plot details, and who’s working behind the scenes.

Though buzz about Henry Cavill’s famous fantasy series has dwindled in recent months, Netflix has secretly accelerated pre-production on season 3 of the series.

This means that the actors and crew of the program have been hard at work creating sets, scouting locations, and casting new major roles for the third season, which is expected to begin filming soon. In our report, we’ll go over all of this and more.

Netflix Has Renewed the Witcher Season 3 for a Third Season.

Even before the second season of The Witcher was released, Netflix announced that the series had been renewed for a third season.

This isn’t surprising, given that The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most popular original series. Not to add, with the release of the animated film Nightmare of the Wolf and the impending prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin, Netflix has already begun expanding the world of The Witcher.

When Will the Witcher Season 3 Be Available on Netflix?

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for The Witcher’s third season, and it seems unlikely to do so anytime soon. However, based on previous seasons’ production timetables, an educated guess can be established.

The Witcher’s first season was shot over seven months, followed by another seven months of post-production.

The Witcher' Season 3 scene

Season 2 would have been similar if it hadn’t been for Covid and Henry Cavill’s on-set injuries, which caused the production to be halted several times. Season two was shot over 159 days (excluding these unanticipated interruptions), which translates to roughly seven months of filming, followed by eight months of post-production before it was finally released on Netflix. With that in mind, we can estimate that season 3 will take around seven months to film and seven to eight months to edit.

Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner of the series, revealed that it was their last week in the writer’s room on December 3rd, 2021 and that they are near to concluding the scripting phase.

When will season 3 filming begin? According to our sources, very soon. Filming is set to begin in March, while there is still a chance of delays. Season 3 will most certainly miss The Witcher’s customary December release date in favor of a Summer 2023 release, given the projected fourteen months of production and post-production.

Story of Season 3 of the Witcher

The third season of The Witcher will be based on Time of Contempt, the second full novel in the Witcher Saga. Season two was quite different from the books, but showrunner Lauren Hissrich announced on Twitter that the third season will reflect the original material much more closely. With that in mind, we have a solid notion of where the plot will go.

First and foremost, there’s the Witcher clan. The last time we saw Yennefer, Geralt, and Ciri, they had just defeated the elven witch Voleth Meir, who looked like Baba Yaga. Season 3 will have to mend numerous wounds in their relationships as a result of the encounter.

Despite the rocky start, showrunner Lauren Hissrich has hinted on Twitter that Yennefer, Geralt, and Ciri’s relationship will converge with that of the books. This includes Yennefer teaching Ciri how to use her magical abilities, which we first saw in season two, and Geralt and Yennefer’s turbulent but passionate relationship.

If you’ve read the books and are wondering if the “Dear freind ” letter in season two has been substituted with that short contact, the showrunner has remarked, “Be patient.”

The Witcher scene

Aside from the central family dynamic, season two introduces a slew of enemies, all of whom are after Ciri. Her father Duny, who was revealed to be Emperor Emhyr of Nilfgaard in the very last scene of season two, is the most noteworthy. Season 3 will go deeper into Emhyr, according to the showrunner, and fans can expect to learn a lot more about how Duny acquired the White Flame and what he genuinely wants to do with Ciri.

Philippa Eilhart, a sorceress who often assumes the guise of an owl, is another important character introduced at the end of the season. She is the de-facto ruler of Rania, along with spymaster Dijkstra, because the king is often too preoccupied with his interests to notice. Philippa and Dijkstra are a formidable force to be reckoned with, and they’ll be putting huge plans in motion in Season 3. Apart from Philippa, many more magicians in Aretuza, such as Tissaia and Vilgefortz, have set their sights on Ciri, thus anticipating this to be a major plot point in season 3.

Last but not least, there’s the new Wild Hunt. We’ve only just met them in season two, and they’re shrouded in mystery at this point. Some of the mystery will be revealed in the prequel series Blood Origin, which will premiere on Netflix later this year. The Wild Hunt will undoubtedly emerge in Season 3, although we doubt they will play a significant role in the plot, given that occurs until the end of the novel.

And where does that leave everyone’s favorite bard? Jaskier will start season 3 from the beginning, rather than coming in the middle as he did in season two, according to the showrunner. Interestingly, the showrunner has hinted that Jaskier will have scenes with Ciri, which we’re looking forward to seeing. One exchange between Jaskier and Ciri that we hope to see in season 3 comes to mind from the novels.

That’s not all, though. Season 3 is intended to include a variety of new characters, including Maria Barring, commonly known as Milva, in addition to continuing old storylines.

What Is Milva’s Storyline, and What Other New Characters Will Appear in Season 3?

Maria Barring (Milva) is a character from the third Witcher novel, Baptism of Fire. Milva is a bow-wielding warrior with a large vocabulary (specifically involving the F word). She’s the first recruit in the fabled “Hansa” crew, one of the most adored features of The Witcher Saga.

According to a recent Illuminerdi casting rumour, Netflix is trying to cast a character codenamed “Marylebone” who has “a razor-sharp wit and a fast blade”. In a terrible world, she has had to mature swiftly and learn to survive.” When we first read this, we immediately thought of Milva, however it also appears to match Mistle, a member of a gang known as The Rats. Lauren Hissrich has already hinted at the Rats’ arrival.

The Witcher scene

Milva will emerge in season 3 and will be engaging with Geralt of Rivia before the conclusion of the season, according to our sources.

These are all the known new characters for season 3, some from the Illuminerdi article and some from Redanian Intelligence files.

  1. Marylebone (Milva or Mistle): “Marylebone has a razor-sharp wit and a fast blade,” her description says. In a terrible world, she has had to mature swiftly and learn to survive.” Netflix is looking for an LGBT actress for the part. Though Milva is confirmed for season 3, Marylebone might be another character (for instance Mistle, who is an LGBT character).
  2. In season 3, Geralt will face several thugs, but only one will be named The Professor. There’s a transcript of the audition scenario in the full Redanian Intelligence report.
  3. Picadilly: A king’s second-in-line brother who “looks more prone to a playing lifestyle than a political one.” “Despite his easygoing demeanour, he is a strategic thinker who is also impassive.” Illuminati also stated that Netflix is seeking an LGBT actor for the part. Uncovering another audition for Picadilly, he appears to be flirting with Jaskier. The full Redanian Intelligence report has the audition scene transcript.
  4. Applegate, a messenger between the Northern Realms’ kings, has a brief but notable appearance in Time of Contempt. “A royal messenger, played by someone who will need to know his way around a horse,” reads the description of the character codenamed “Angel.” Tired of his life and the horrors he’d seen on the job, this middle-aged man heard something that changed his outlook forever.”
  5. “Maida-Vale”, Margarita Laux-Antille: It’s probably certainly the sorceress Margarita, a favorite among readers. In the novels, she succeeds Tissaia as Rectoress of Aretuza. If not Margarita, she’s probably Marti. The showrunner has hinted about additional sorceresses in season 3. It’s said of the character, “Plus-sized and forceful, she belongs to a group of women you don’t want to cross.” She’ll be a match for everyone she faces in The Witcher.”
  6. “Parsons” is probably Fake Ciri: Fake Ciri is a political character in the novels. The showrunner has hinted that Fake Ciri may yet return, therefore we won’t reveal any further specifics about her. Parsons is described as “a teenage girl persuaded she is someone else to become a political pawn” in the Illuminerdi report. Recapped describes a kid as “brainwashed into believing they are someone else”.
  7. Greenwich Giselher: In the description, an actor in his 20s portrays a passionate and dedicated soldier who loses some of his passion as his companions fail to match his zeal. If the Rats are presented after season 3, Giselher is likely to be cast, and this description fits his character. This may be a new character.
  8. “A middle-aged married woman imprisoned in a loveless marriage to a man who is more like her child than her husband,” says Hampstead. Though she lives a real life, her views are frequently ignored.” Hedwig, Queen of Rania, is possibly King Vizimir’s wife.
  9. “A ladies’ maid, played by an actress in her 20s, who’s quiet and timid look hides a lethal wildcard eager to inflict pain on those who stand in her way,” says Euston.
  10. “A stunning free spirit who is hot-blooded but kind-hearted,” says Victoria, another original character.

11.     Richmond is yet another unique character. She’s characterized as “a musician who makes a profession selling instruments and is fed up with consumers who think they can walk all over her.” She’ll almost certainly meet up with Jaskier, who is in desperate need of a new lute after Rience broke his last one in season two. The showrunner has also hinted at this.

Who Are the Writers and Directors for the Third Season of the Witcher?

Now that we’ve covered the season 3 plot and new characters, it’s time to talk about an equally crucial topic: the major staff members who will adapt the programme from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and bring it to life on television.

Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner, will return, as will many of the writers from her team: Haily Hall, who wrote the sixth episode of season one (“Endangered Species”) and the fifth episode of season two (“Turn Your Back“); Mike Ostrowski, who wrote the seventh episodes of season one and season two (“Before A Fall” and “Voleth Meir,” respectively); Matthew D’Ambrosio,

who wrote the sixth episode of season two (“Dear Troy Dangerfield, who worked as a writer’s assistant on the upcoming Witcher prequel series Blood Origin, and Tania Lotia, who wrote episodes of Carnival Row and Swamp Thing, and Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who has written for Lost, The Shannara Chronicles, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, will join them.

Only two of the season 3 directors have been disclosed so far. It’s possible that they’ll each direct four of the season’s eight episodes, but the show’s previous two seasons had four filmmakers, each of whom directed two episodes, and that’ll most likely be the case again this time.

Stephen Surjik, who directed the first two episodes of season two (including the fan favourite “Grain of Truth” and the contentious “Kaer Morhen”), is the first of two directors recently discovered by Redanian Intelligence. Surjik helmed episodes of The Umbrella Academy and Daredevil before joining The Witcher.

The Witcher’s second director is a first-timer. Loni Peristere appears to be a promising addition to season 3 after directing episodes of horror and action shows such as American Horror Story, Banshee, and Warrior (as well as Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) and co-founding a visual effects business.

The Witcher scene

Apart from the writers and directors, the majority of the cast and crew from The Witcher season two will return for season three. This covers makeup, props, costumes, prosthetics, stage design, locations, lighting, and camera work, as well as many of the lesser-known but equally hard-working crew members in charge of makeup, props, costumes, prosthetics, set design, lighting, and camera work. Season 3’s production quality are expected to improve as the show continues to expand and succeed.

When Will We Learn More About Season 3 of the Witcher?

With filming set to begin next month, we can expect to learn a lot more about The Witcher season 3 in the coming weeks. From official (or unofficial) casting announcements for the aforementioned new characters, to set photos and teases, to leaks and spoiler reports, we’ll be inundated with information in the months leading up to the film’s anticipated Summer 2023 release.

If that still seems far away, keep in mind that The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel series following the elves before the Conjunction of the Spheres, is set to premiere on Netflix before season 3, with a release date in the second half of 2022.

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